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Firstly, thank you.

As follows:
1. If the segment under consideration was cryptocurrency, I would have said an Emphatic YES to point#1 and point#2 because cryptocurrency is all about democratization of data. The same cannot be said about the traditional markets such as NSE. Traditional equity markets are monopolistic in nature and the exchange owns the data and regulates its distribution under a license with stringent conditions that all parties should comply with. So while we do not see any technical challenges in meeting point#1 and point#2, there are compliance issues which could subject our product and platform to significant risk if we were to go down that route under current Free Plan setup. There are two ways to achieve it in my opinion (I am not a legal expert)

A. Create a data plan API where you can pay for the data and access it through the APIs. We have to pay the exchange/data vendor per user for the feed.

B. Build all the functionalities within GoCharting so that you can run all your algos on our platform. Can you give us a sense of what scripts etc. you run - a few use cases will help us understand the features that we need to build in our platform for our future releases

C. Yes, we want to build integration with almost all brokers but we have not yet solved how to do the same for brokers that do not provide a trading API. Any sugestions or guidance would be most helpful.

D. The subscription plan will be freemium in nature. We need to pay the exchanges for the realtime feed and so the users have to subscribe to realtime feeds through the plans. As far as the advanced tools like Orderflow is concerned, we have not yet decided the package but we definitely want to disrupt this market. All traditional tools charge the users eye popping prices which make it very difficult for retail users to use them. All this will change with GoCharting. Every orderflow advanced tool including Footprint etc. will be available in GC at a very very very affordable price. It is in our interest to price it well below market to disrupt this monopolistic industry

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go chart not showing today live candle chart, only getting 1 first candle of 9.15 then rest all are missing while in watchlist data are updating smoothly.
go chart not showing today live candle chart, only getting 1 first candle of 9.15 then rest all are missing while in watchlist data are updating smoothly.
We have made some changes to our servers after the downtime today. Please let me know if you face any issues again tomorrow during trading hours. We will continue to monitor the load and traffic.

Thanks, yes data is critical to the trading world nowadays ( especially Quant-trading setup ) but do let us know your ideas on that front. Understand there are legal issues to distributing data, but i believe its a matter of paying right fees.

in terms of integration - i am curious as to how you will eventually grow on this front - which is why i said this is a "brave" attempt..

All brokerages these days are going Zerodha route, ie give direct APIs to traders and help facilitate client application receive data feeds directly - point to point..
so what advantage does brokerage have, client have to prefer your portal

you should bump up brokerage volumes
provide all-in-one data source for clients to keep them hooked to ur platform ( as you currently promised live feed, charting, indicators etc i havent tested your portal yet )


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I like gocharting very much and I would like to suggest some points:
1. On opening of its home page it shows a search box. Every time I have to key in Nifty and then select Nifty 50 to view it. Can you please set your home page with chart of Nifty 50 index as default.
2. Even when I open Nifty 50 index chart, I have to zoom it using a few mouse clicks, please zoom it to last 3-4 months eod as default view.
3. The last (latest) candle is touching to border, please give 2-3 candle spaces to the right of it.
4. Near right top, it shows current (latest) value of the chart e.g. 11844.1 for Nifty50 index. Its color is very light and it does not show change wrt PC. Please make it in dark color and show real time value with change in points and %change e.g. 11844.1, 187.05, 1.60% in green color and red for -ve change.
5. I wish to use UP arrow for zoom in, DOWN arrow for zoom out, LEFT arrow for scroll left and RIGHT arrow for scroll right side.