1. GoCharting

    GoCharting - The first and only Indian Advanced Charting and Orderflow Platform on the "Web"

    Hi, I am the co-founder and designer of GoCharting - the first Indian web-based technical analysis software built by two traders for the traders. We are arguably one of the most advanced charting and trading platform in the market focused on Indian equity market. We cover the entire gamut of...
  2. T

    ShareKhan TradeTiger like Software for Mac

    Hello frens, I have a account with sharekhan and I use Trade tiger for charting on my windows laptop. But my office has only Macs and no windows machines. Are there any softwares like TT that run on Macs and which are not paid ? I know there are some paid charting softwares which run on...
  3. M

    Please vote for NSE BSE free online charting

    I'm sure everyone knows or if you don't now you do. that is the best online charting platform in the world. Right now they have enormous amount of symbols available but no NSE BSE yet. And they will implement if they get enough people who want it. I know there are so...
  4. J

    Elliot Wave ---- Need help with AFL

    Hi Members, Following is the AFL for elliot wave formation. This plots UP & DOWN arrows on the amibroker chart. I want to change the colors of arrows to white. I tried much but could not succeed. Please help. ------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  5. G

    Intraday charting

    hi guys plz let me know where should i get free day charts[intraday] for commodities for study and if possible with technical indicators available for study..? thx in advance
  6. S

    Information about Stock trading - An Article

    Stocks are paper resources that an organizations offer when they want to increase cash. When you buy a stock you will actually own a portion of that organization, so you become concerned about how that organization is doing. A share market provides services for stock brokers and traders for...
  7. N

    Reliable Falcon is it worth it

    guys i am seriously considering taking Reliable Falcon charting software. pls give advice or reviews on how good the software is and if anyone is using it, wat r its plus and minus pts.
  8. A


    Hi all, I am still a learner in the wolrd of options. I am trying to learn the technical aspects of chart trading and looking for a good charting software for NIFTY OPTIONS. The criterias I have are: 1. The data has to be real time. (delay of 15 minutes can cause excessive damage) 2...
  9. P

    Where can i get daily charts for partciular stock for last 10 years

    Hi Guys I was looking for daily charts for a particular stock ispat Industries I am using Trade Tiger it does show charts for earlier period but those are monthly charts or quarterly charts . If i want to check the intraday movement or volatility of the stock for each day for last 3 months...
  10. W

    Opinion Required. [Intraday Charting]

    Hi, There are hundreds of indicators available in market either free or paid. Please share your personal opinion on what are the best strategy/indicators for intra-day charts. Also if you have any link/video/pdf or any other document which you can share and help others, then kindly post it...
  11. I

    Trading practice software.

    I have create a software tool to let you practice trading based on real historical data TurTrades. This software allows you to practice your trades using real market data with the help of technical indicators, and you don't have to wait a day's to see if you are profitable. Sort of like trading...
  12. S

    charting software having option to draw atleast 6 emas ...

    I want to subscribe one charting software service but want to know which software provide to draw atleast 6 emas at the same time. any one using charting software from their experience please suggest me. skd:)
  13. Y

    How to give NSE RT datafeed to Amibroker

    Hello, I am new user here and i find lots of usefull articals regarding the markets. Can anybody please advise me how to give the nse datafeed to amibroker as am totally confussed after installing the software and not able to trace the datafeed option. Thank you very much. Yog
  14. P

    Calculating gold eod prices when current future contract ends and next month contract

    Dear friend, Help me in calculating seamless end of the day prices from mcx future prices for charting. Switching current month contract prices to future month at end of the month creates jump in charts,Because of the premium in next month contract. Thanks in advance, Jay
  15. D

    Market visualization software

    For the last few weeks, I have been working on a market visualization software. I call it Pluto. The intention is to make it open source/free as soon as it reaches a stable baseline. The target users for Pluto are new entrants into the Indian stock market and need free software to visualize...