1. A

    How's KEEV ?

    Hello Everyone, Anyone here have checked out KEEV, Please let me know how is it ?
  2. D

    Anyone using algobaba Stoxxo here ?

    If anyone using algobaba stoxxo here then please do share your experience here, even if you are using their simple QTP for manual trading.
  3. D

    Best tool for quick scalping ?

    I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades...
  4. A

    Pinescript to AFL

    Hi Friends, I am learning amibroker, and trying to convert the below pine script code into afl but not getting the correct result Can anybody help me to convert this to amibroker // INPUTS // st_mult = input.float(3, title='SuperTrend Multiplier', minval=0, maxval=100, step=0.01) st_period...
  5. R

    Is trading better than investing?

    There are a few common points between trading and investing. Both involve putting your money in the stock market and waiting for the stock prices to rise. Speculation is also heavily involved in both activities. But which is better? Let’s go through a few of their features to get a conclusion...
  6. N

    Option experts need help with current position

    I want to minimize my current option losses. There are some naked option buys that I have done. It is for June expiry. Anything that I can do reduce my losses, please suggest.
  7. A

    Regular Post and update of NIFTY Option Trading

    In this post I will be posting my trades on NIFTY option trading. May be I will get support & mentorship from senior and learned members of this platform to improve my trades further.
  8. M

    What is the reality of social media trading promotions?

    Hi all, I am new to the stock market and I have a great interest to start trading and investing and lately I have started seeing a lot of promotional stories on my social media pages, instagram for example. They do post a lot of screenshots of P&L of more than 2k profit per day up to 50k and...
  9. P

    Amibroker buy/sell -> IBControler -> TWS (Interactive Brokers) /// too many orders submitted

    Hi, I would like to improve my autotrading so I would need your Help. Any help will be appreciated. My problem is , when my Amibroker system scans for a signals (buy or sell ) at the end of each candle (minute candle) there is a signal generated by AFL code. But Amibroker (6.20) sends signal (...
  10. Raghav madaan

    Algorithmic trading

    Can anyone explain the basics & working of Algo trading? How it works & How it generates profits?
  11. Raghav madaan

    Forex trading

    How is Forex trading profitable?
  12. R

    An opinion about World Markets

    If you are searching for a trading opportunity then you might know about the company World Markets: In this article, it will briefly tell you about the company double-sided image, and how they are...
  13. A

    Real Time Data Feed Required

    Hi, This is Aniket. I am new to the forum. I am a Derivatives enthusiast and I like to work around with strategies. I have been trying to find a way to get Real Time Data Feed in excel so that I can set up option chains and strategies for analysis. I have an account with Upstox and have been...
  14. R

    Hello from an ex software engineer

    Hello Everyone, I am Rahul, a software engineer who is soon gonna turn 30 and who loves creating beautiful web experiences. I graduated in the year 2012 and since then (till early 2020) I tried a lot of different things in software engineering. But today before signing up on this forum, I've...
  15. K

    A beginner, wanted to know some stuff.

    Hey there. So I have not even a iota of knowledge about trading. A lady on insta told me that if I buy $300 worth of bitcoins and set up a trade account.Then she'll have my trade account linked to her trading software without me giving her my password. And she'll make me $2000 per week off those...
  16. N

    Systematic Equity Investment Portfolio Performance Tracking

    The idea behind starting this thread is to show how a systematic equity investment portfolio performs over a period of time. I believe showing the progress live will help new traders gain confidence in following their strategy even in adverse markets and give them an idea of how a diversified...
  17. bashasm

    making 10 percent a month trading?

    Has anyone consistently making 10 percent a month trading (or day trading)?
  18. S

    Volume Profile Trading Strategies

    Hello, Can anyone here help me understanding and developing strategies with Volume Profile for Intraday.
  19. R


    I know Sir, I'm technically analyst with over +1 year of experience in equity's and currencies with swing trading. Now, I want to go even further. Learning about fundamentals and my goal is to best trader of India. I'll not be able to pay your fees if you are looking for that, but other than...
  20. Tejas Khoday

    Feedback for FYERS Mobile App - New Version

    Hi Everyone, I have created this thread for receiving feedback and ideas to upgrade/build our new mobile app. As per the suggestions of @mevaibhav and other Traderji members, creating a new thread solely for this purpose is better and I feel that we can interact on this subject in detail...