1. DeusXMac

    EURUSD → Buy Signal → 1.09650 Target

    Buy opportunity in the EURUSD with a target at 1.09650 for a profit of 20 pips.
  2. DeusXMac

    EURUSD → Sell Signal

    Sell opportunity in the EURUSD with a target at 1.09230 for a profit of 20 pips.
  3. tradingwithmike

    EURUSD → Above 1.0945 comes 1.1000

    EURUSD adds to the ongoing optimism and reaches a new three-month peak around 1.0940 at the beginning of the week. The continuation of the upward bias could see the weekly high of 1.0945 (August 30) revisited sooner rather than later. Once cleared, spot could challenge the psychological...
  4. tradingwithmike

    AUDJPY looking for a rebound into 98.00

    The AUDJPY snuck over the 97.50 level just ahead of the Friday closing bell, trying to claw back some of the midweek's losses after the pair tumbled from a Wednesday peak of 98.66. The AUD/JPY closed out the trading week with some gains, up nearly 1.2% from Monday's opening bids near 96.40, but...
  5. tradingwithmike

    USDCHF → Trades near 0.8870

    USDCHF lost more than 100 pips in the previous session, due to the downbeat US inflation data. The USD/CHF pair extends the losses, trading near 0.8870 during the European session on Wednesday. A decisive break below the latter could push the USD/CHF pair to reach the support region near 0.8800...
  6. tradingwithmike

    GBPJPY → Next major target set at the 190.00 level

    In the mid-North American session, GBPJPY rallied and refreshed eight-year highs at around 188.28 on Tuesday, after economic data from the US sparked speculations the Federal Reserve wouldn’t tighten monetary policy any further. Investors see that as a green light to buy riskier assets, to the...
  7. tradingwithmike

    EURJPY → Upside momentum has further legs to go

    EURJPY resumes the upside and prints new yearly highs in the vicinity of the 162.00 yardstick on Friday. Further upside appears well on the cards for the cross in the short-term horizon. Against that, the surpass of the 2023 high of 161.85 (November 10) is expected to face the next significant...
  8. tradingwithmike

    EURUSD → Interim contention emerges around 1.0645

    EURUSD trades in an inconclusive fashion around the 1.0700 region on Thursday. In case the downward bias picks up extra pace, the 55-day SMA at 1.0645 should offer temporary contention prior to the weekly low of 1.0495 (October 13). In the meantime, while below the 200-day SMA at 1.0801, the...
  9. P

    P2P exchanges parsers

    Hi there! Recently I started in a crypto arbitrage on P2P deals. If you aren't familiar, its based on the offers to buy crypto with fiat and sell crypto to fiat back with positive margin. So the main job - finding profitable chains between fiat, crypto, payment methods, limits and exchanges. Its...
  10. N

    Dividends Cuts

    Hi Traders, I just want to know that is there any website out there were I can get data of dividends cuts making by the companies.
  11. A

    How's KEEV ?

    Hello Everyone, Anyone here have checked out KEEV, Please let me know how is it ?
  12. D

    Anyone using algobaba Stoxxo here ?

    If anyone using algobaba stoxxo here then please do share your experience here, even if you are using their simple QTP for manual trading.
  13. D

    Best tool for quick scalping ?

    I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades...
  14. A

    Pinescript to AFL

    Hi Friends, I am learning amibroker, and trying to convert the below pine script code into afl but not getting the correct result Can anybody help me to convert this to amibroker // INPUTS // st_mult = input.float(3, title='SuperTrend Multiplier', minval=0, maxval=100, step=0.01) st_period...
  15. R

    Is trading better than investing?

    There are a few common points between trading and investing. Both involve putting your money in the stock market and waiting for the stock prices to rise. Speculation is also heavily involved in both activities. But which is better? Let’s go through a few of their features to get a conclusion...
  16. N

    Option experts need help with current position

    I want to minimize my current option losses. There are some naked option buys that I have done. It is for June expiry. Anything that I can do reduce my losses, please suggest.
  17. A

    Regular Post and update of NIFTY Option Trading

    In this post I will be posting my trades on NIFTY option trading. May be I will get support & mentorship from senior and learned members of this platform to improve my trades further.
  18. M

    What is the reality of social media trading promotions?

    Hi all, I am new to the stock market and I have a great interest to start trading and investing and lately I have started seeing a lot of promotional stories on my social media pages, instagram for example. They do post a lot of screenshots of P&L of more than 2k profit per day up to 50k and...
  19. P

    Amibroker buy/sell -> IBControler -> TWS (Interactive Brokers) /// too many orders submitted

    Hi, I would like to improve my autotrading so I would need your Help. Any help will be appreciated. My problem is , when my Amibroker system scans for a signals (buy or sell ) at the end of each candle (minute candle) there is a signal generated by AFL code. But Amibroker (6.20) sends signal (...
  20. Raghav madaan

    Algorithmic trading

    Can anyone explain the basics & working of Algo trading? How it works & How it generates profits?