chart analysis

  1. M

    Charts slower by 2-3 seconds than real time price movement (by my brokerage)

    The Charts in Zerodha are slower by 2-3 seconds than the real time price movement in Zerodha. Therefore I am unable to trade (scalping) by looking at the charts. Whenever I did that I made losses. Does anyone know any details about it . Can it be made real-time, second for second ? Or does...
  2. A


    HI, I'm new to trading and have been actively trading for about a month. I'm thinking of purchasing the spider IRIS+. Anyone has any experience with it.Also do you guys feel its worth it. I live in a city where they dont have an office so would that be a problem as I've read that the softwares...
  3. GoCharting

    GoCharting - The first and only Indian Advanced Charting and Orderflow Platform on the "Web"

    Hi, I am the co-founder and designer of GoCharting - the first Indian web-based technical analysis software built by two traders for the traders. We are arguably one of the most advanced charting and trading platform in the market focused on Indian equity market. We cover the entire gamut of...
  4. B

    I am busted in these charts!!

    Hi Guys I am not sure, if it's the right thread to ask such a noob question!. Coming to the issue : I have added a pic of my today's chart. I was having a steady and calm drop, then suddenly a bullish candle came with good volume. I panicked and thought.. this is going to reverse. I quickly...
  5. I

    Traditional Break out Strategy

    Hi Friends, In this Thread I am trying to share my Break out Strategy and at the same time I would like to take your suggestions to fine tune my Strategy so that it will be helpful to all. Below are the sequential Steps that I Used to follow when posting a Signal 1. I trade on only...
  6. kingsmasher1

    Is it recommended to trade on first strong bullish/bearish candle?

    Hi All, So this is the chart of TataSteel-Apr-27 Future. If you see the second candle of the day, it went high strong bullish from 488.79 to 493.26, and it does so with good volume !! But the next one was a reversal. So, my question is - Is it recommended to dive in to trade with the first...
  7. S

    Help me out how to read charts

    How to read charts and study technicals ,chart patterns ,candle stick chart s:) ...
  8. TradeMind

    Stock chart one day history

    Dear Traders, This is my first post here, forgive me for mistakes and feel free to point me in right direction. So my first newbie question is: is there any charting service preferably free where i can see 1 day chart for any dates in past. I am open to paid ones if they are good and...
  9. mlg

    Useful webportals

    Hi, Just sharing some of the useful web-portals I'm tracking. Seniors will be knowing most the links. - Nifty/Sensex and Dow Jones opening report India Morning Call-Global Markets - Reuters, Google it, Updated every morning. - Nifty/Sensex...
  10. Sagarocks432

    How to set custom time for candlestick price chart

    Ok friends usally we have Intraday [any time] , Daily ,Weekly, Monthly, yearly. time frame for price charts. I want 3days time frame as a single candle stick. How can I do this?? Software- Odin of angel, zerodha, and Amibroker
  11. B

    Hello everyone...Looking forward

    Hi, I am here with an objective to learn the stock trading. Particularly I am interested in Option and Future trading and would welcome valuable suggestion and inputs. I have got no of queries and would like share the same.:clap: With thanks & regards bbsrtrade
  12. S

    EOD chart or live streaming charts

    Hello All, I am new to trading and want to explore the technical side of trading. Could you please assist me with my confusion on chart selection. I currently downloaded the chart nexus free version and it shows me EOD charts until previous day with support & resistance on just two stocks...
  13. avid1511

    charting software for linux?

    Hi, I recently switched to linux and was wondering if there is any neat charting and analysis software available for linux preferably open source?? Thnx AviD
  14. N

    The Volatility during Preopen - How does it affect Indicators

    I am a novice in the stock market and am reading the wealth of info here to learn before I begin paper trading and then real trading. I have been looking at a lot of Charts both intraday and daily and see a lot of high spikes during the Preopen period. Was wondering how this affects the charts...
  15. SwayamDas

    Dragonfly Doji in Lupin Charts

    Hello Guys, I seem to have found a Dragonfly Doji Presence in the chart below but what happens when a Dragonfly Doji appears after a sort of uptrend? HELP please!