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I have been looking for ways to identify "dips" to invest in Mutual Funds. This led to me find a way to get Mutual Fund data in some form of technical charts.

Good news is I found a way to get all historical NAV's from AMFI and use it in TradingView charts which we all love so much.

Here is an example for



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As you can see in above image, you can plot moving averages or other indicators (macd etc) to make decision on when to add or exit from a mutual fund.

There are few limitation - as MF is just single day price, you wont get candle stick chart for daily however you can see simple line chart instead. But as you can see, weekly or monthly is fine.

I guess for long term investment decision we can be content with looking at Weekly Mutual Fund charts.

Daily chart :



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some of you may have heard of Quandl. They provide free/paid/registered API to access various data. One of the API is providing Indian Mutual Fund NAV's from none other than Association of Mutual Funds in India.

Short way is go to below link

search for mutual fund you are interested. The search is worst than one on traderji site. so "axis blue chip" will return all axis and all blue chips mutual fund

Click on header - and you get below page.


Look at right hand corner, there are various options to download the NAV data, one of them is 'TradingView' click on it and you will get the desired mf data plotted in TradingView.

All Done!
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All we need is an indicator to find the start of upmove or downturn. Any suggestions?
I usually base mine on stochastics and the moving averages. Will have to observe and see how these behave with respect to these indicators. A backtest would be nice. Let me see if this works :)
This is great, will check it up. We had a similar goal but you cracked it. I used to check the related nifty and sensex category for making entry points. And exit? It's too young for me. I do believe in compounding. ;)

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