charting software

  1. S

    Hello friends

    Dear Amibroker AFL writers, i want amibroker AFL (trading system) in 1 min time frame with price action trialing sl if any one is there pls reply me thanks
  2. wabuf

    Intraday help !!

    hello evry 1 this is my first post on traderji :) i am wabuf :D , 23 yrs i do intraday trading and have icici demat account. I am looking for intraday real time charting software with 1 min time frame (no demat acc hassle). plz clarify my following doubts 1. chartnexus is eod...
  3. C

    Charting software that adjusts dividend

    Urgently need a charting software that adjusts dividend like these softwares adjust bonus, rights etc