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  1. U

    Software with DOM and Time and sales.

    Hi All, Can you please suggest a desktop software that has both DOM(level 2) and Time and sales available for NSE Equity? The ones available like ninjatrader, motivewave, amibroker, metatrader etc require datafeed. But i couldn't find any data provider in india that gives level 2 data. Any...
  2. GoCharting

    GoCharting - The first and only Indian Advanced Charting and Orderflow Platform on the "Web"

    Hi, I am the co-founder and designer of GoCharting - the first Indian web-based technical analysis software built by two traders for the traders. We are arguably one of the most advanced charting and trading platform in the market focused on Indian equity market. We cover the entire gamut of...
  3. S

    Hello friends

    Dear Amibroker AFL writers, i want amibroker AFL (trading system) in 1 min time frame with price action trialing sl if any one is there pls reply me thanks
  4. wabuf

    Intraday help !!

    hello evry 1 this is my first post on traderji :) i am wabuf :D , 23 yrs i do intraday trading and have icici demat account. I am looking for intraday real time charting software with 1 min time frame (no demat acc hassle). plz clarify my following doubts 1. chartnexus is eod...
  5. C

    Charting software that adjusts dividend

    Urgently need a charting software that adjusts dividend like these softwares adjust bonus, rights etc