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I am the co-founder and designer of GoCharting - the first Indian web-based technical analysis software built by two traders for the traders. We are arguably one of the most advanced charting and trading platform in the market focused on Indian equity market. We cover the entire gamut of Indian stock markets (cash for now). It is a humble effort by two traders cum open source programmers to give something back to the community. We would like to create an engaged group of users in the trading community to provide feedback, request additional features and in general, help us help you

URL: https://gocharting.com

Why GoCharting?

Firstly, we are the only charting platform in the world today that has successfully created professional Market Profile Charts (TPO) on the “web”. These charts combined with Volume Profile charts form the basis of Orderflow analysis in GoCharting and are the perfect tools to surf the volatility in the markets. Gone are the days when you paid hefty fees to desktop (.exe) applications of the 90’s to trade on orderflow. We offer you world-class orderflow charts on the web and we are here to stay.

See the Setup of of TPO and Volume Profile in GoCharting below:

Secondly, we are a unique advanced charting platform that has made an attempt to bring the crux of technical analysis (charting, signal detection, Indicators, Drawing) and fundamental analysis (Valuations, DCF, Risk and Reward) under the same roof in one terminal User Interface.

Lets deep dive into the details. APIs released on the Indian Stock Market segment so far:

Technical Analysis:
  1. Real-time and EOD charting on the browser. No more maintenance of archaic desktop applications, servers or data feed worries - just open your browser and you are ready to go.
  2. No annoying ads - premium service quality
  3. Tick-level data
  4. All NSE stocks/indices (Cash for now, will add FNO if demand exist)
  5. Customizable HTML5 charting
  6. 120 + technical indicators. (MACD, SuperTrend, EMA, SMA - you name it and we got it covered for you). No cap on how many indicators you would like to add to your chart
  7. For pro-traders and programmers, we have also built our own scripting language G-SCRIPT to help you create your own technical indicators, strategies and signals.
  8. Advanced charts such as Renko, Kagi, Heikin Ashi, Point and Figure
  9. Drawing tools (Fibonacci, Gann, Trendline etc.)
  10. Auto Candlestick pattern recognition (Doji, Three Black Crows etc.)
  11. Plot up to 4 charts at a time
  12. EOD and 5 IEOD intervals. EOD data adjusted for corporate events such as splits and bonus
  13. Social sharing
  14. Save your study on the cloud (unlimited charts)
  15. Fullscreen mode
  16. We come in a beautiful black theme too
  17. Advanced Watchlist and Portfolio Builder
  18. Download OHLC data directly on your computer
Platform Overlay:

Multiple Plots:

Marvelous Dark

Choice of Technical Indicators:

Fundamental Analysis:
1. Proprietary Stock Valuation and Rating using our own back-tested scoring model using key fundamental signals such as Pitroski Number, Sloan Ratio, Graham Number etc.

2. Risk Scored models built for future forecasting

3. 160+ fundamental indicators (Revenue, Profit, EPS, P/E - You name it and we got it covered). All fundamental indicators are available on a scale of Quarterly, Annual and Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) timeline mode.

4. 200+ macroeconomic indicators from Quandl (Crude Oil, Gold, Rubber, GDP, Employement etc.)

5. We are the only charting platform that allows users to plot analyst estimates directly on the chart (Nirmal Bang, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Securities etc)

6. Plot dividends, splits, bonus and rights on the chart

7. Live news feed (very similar to the old Google Finance UI - we loved the old google finance)

Analyst Estimates

Fundamental Indicators

If you like what you see, please provide your feedback here or go directly to the website and chat with us.

We are keeping this discussion open here. You can ask your queries and request features on this thread. This is the official GoCharting Thread.

We look forward to having you in our platform



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Thanks and all the best for your new endeavor . please advice how to open orderflow chart as mentioned by you. but can't see tht anywhere.
please came up FNO as well.
now a days OHLC have no much value to download.. ppl have more interest in tick data at the end of the day.
1 request: can u add 75 Mins charts in your given set-up.
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Hi Chintan,

As follows:
1. Orderflow module in GC comprise of the following components:

A. Market Profile (TPO), Volume Profile (VP) and VWAP Charts: Please see the Youtube video tutorial on how to setup Orderflow charts in our platform in the "Introduction" post above or you can also access them using the Orderflow button in the footer as shown below


We would prefer you follow the video for a seamless experience. Also note that VP needs volume data and is applicable only to Stocks and not to Indexes (Nifty 50 etc.). Our data feed includes volume data for stocks bit not for indexes

B. Time and Sale: This module is available in the Books tab in the left hand panel. It provides your "Tick-level" data. It is available only during "Trading Hours" understandably. You can also set alerts on tick level data to capture large ticket movements and orders


C. DOM Price Ladders: Depth of Market Price Ladders allow you to view the orderbook price levels. Unfortunately, this module is only applicable to our cryptocurrency segment and not part of the Indian Stock market segment


D. DOM Charting: Unfortunately, this module is only applicable to our cryptocurrency segment and not part of the Indian Stock market segment


2. FNO Coverage: We would love to add FNO segment in our realtime charting module. However, in order for the economics to work for us, we need a huge demand so that we can negotiate a deal with our data vendor. So help us grow and help us build that user demand, we will surely add FnO

3.75min Charts: We plan to add a "Custom Interval" in our future releases


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You are saying that your Data will be Real Time ! Thats a great thing , appreciate your efforts, but, at the same time would like to know that will it be NSE sourced RT feed ( or through authorized vendor of NSE) or the data feed is being taken from Internet resources.

I brought up this question as off late I have faced quite a bit of problems due to data being not up to the mark in the charting platform and that created hindrance in my trading.

Would be genuinely interested to know your opinion on the data thing.

My best wishes to you for your endevour which has generated a keen interest.


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Have Been Aware of your presence ..... including the github space ....... for quite a fair while now!

Had tested out your site in the initial phases. Commendable effort!!!

Some off the cuff observations and recommendations .... ignore what may not be currently relevant OR is not in alignment with your model

- The data was near realtime i.e one minute data .... but was from Yahoofinance! Would check again if in case tick data (or what passes off for tick data in the indian context :rolleyes:) has now been made available

- These days with the availability of tailored packages, basic charting is not too much of a sweat but data integrity is of paramount importance. Therefore, you'll probably need to look a bit more closely at ......

- Adjustments made in respect of splits, dividends and rights.
- Incorporation of updated exchange symbol and company
name changes as per relevant exchange ..... for instance,
your spot indices tickers for NSE are different from that of
the exchange!
- Weeding out of delisted/ dead tickers from the database

- In regard to the above points, would appreciate an updated EOD database for reference

- Incorporation of regular as well as user defined fundamental metrics/ indicators is a much appreciated feature!

- The same goes for analyst estimate incorporation .... which is quite a novel featue!!!

- If in case tick data is now available, then would appreciate incorporation of user defined timeframes since generation of the same is readily feasible from tick data granularity, on the fly

- Am sure that the TPO and Volume Profile Charts would be a major draw for people employing that approach. However you may think of rechristening them since 'TPO' as a charting format, is proprietary to a particular platform

- All in all, am sure that the site would prove to be a very valuable reference tool for trader/ investor research. The provisioning of the same is much appreciated!!!

- In this particular forum a majority of the populace appears to be enamoured by FNO, hence you'll likely be inundated by requests for provision of the same!!! :D

- You may like to look at order placement by integration with (multiple) brokers down the line for a viable business model

- Would appreciate if you'd consider publishing an API for developers, down the line

All the best & Godspeed in your endeavours!!!


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Hi rmike

Thank you for the encouragement.

Yes, GoCharting has addressed all of the below and we support realtime data coming from NSE authorized data vendor

- Adjustments made in respect of splits, dividends and rights.
- Incorporation of updated exchange symbol and company
name changes as per relevant exchange ..... for instance,
your spot indices tickers for NSE are different from that of
the exchange!
- Weeding out of delisted/ dead tickers from the database


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Our data feed comes from NSE authorized data vendor (TrueData)
this sounds encouraging.. and here u have opportunity to provide time and sales data at End of day. because even TD can't provide tht.
I am willing to pay for given features, if you can incorporate:
1. having FNO realtime tick data with time and sales, Delta and CoT.
2. Allow to downlload End of day realtime tick data with with bid-ask and vol. details. Even Td don't have this service.
3. DoM not giving much info.. at least to me. wants to see data inside candle in ladder form. with Delta showing below. for reference, please check GOMI indicators site and u get idea what I am telling.

Plz advice if you based in Ahmedabad. can meet and discuss further with u