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Hi @Traderji Members

Introducing GoCharting Skins

Skins is a unique feature in GoCharting which I am going to explain here. We really enjoyed building this feature and would like to take a minute and provide more details around its utility.

What is it? It is a utility that enables the user to create their custom background image or Gif as background in the chart..

Why do I need this?
1. Its uber cool. Set the background per your mood. (or per Mr. Market's mood)

2. Geo and Gann Drawings:
Traders who follow gann principles of trading, astro trading or any form of trading that uses sacred math or geometry at its core will benefit from this feature by using complex geometric shapes and diagrams that influence your price targets. It supports GIFs as well.

How do I get the skins?

Under Settings tab in the left hand navigation panel, you will find the Skins upload utility. It has a few default images on a dropdown and a upload utility


Thank you
Team GoCharting
excellent platform.. Volume profile/Order flow data is critical to the seasoned trader - have been looking for this feature for long.. Amibroker etc, live scraping from NSE, tried lots of things - happy we finally have a way..

i am an active trader, but post less on this forum - have couple of points to make
1) do you have connectivity APIs, ie i can register an account - programmatically access all the data on the portal. and have of my own applications/scripts run on top of it ..
instead of having these

2) believe subset of Q1 - you do have a feature to embed the dashboard on my website
3) believe you will support broker integration ( not just Zerodha ) in future, at which point 1) becomes crucial.
4) what is the subscription model you are currently thinking of - freemium, outright buy, ?

congrats again, this is a brave and much needed attempt !