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I thought Fyers was bad but Upstox is even worse. Tried opening an account, I couldn't get the OTP for some reason. Sent them an email, sent DM on Twitter. 4 working days gone, not even an acknowledgement.
Heard that Upstox is stopping BTST but Zerodha will continue this facility. How?

So SEBI's idiotic rules not applicable to all brokerages in same way?
opened an account in upstox last month, by seeing positive reviews saying it to be better than zerodha. I have been facing worst nightmare after opening the account. Remember, I haven't yet started trading in it yet. Opening the account and the issues it had are enormous. And the worst thing is their customer service, who doesn't even respond for days and days. Even the live chat is worse. They respond to query after 2-3 hours , that too with generic response.

My Issue : Opened 3-1 account in Upstox, and it took nearly 3-4 days to activate. I found the address in the account to be wrong. I provided my aadhar card for account opening and the address in it is not used. I informed on the day 1 itself, as soon as I logged in and raised a ticket as well. This happened on 1st Oct, 2020. And raised the same issue with compliance officer of upstox as well after waiting for 7 days. Till now there is no response from them, except for change of agent daily from one person to another. They simply close the ticket by giving a generic reply message. Yet again I have to raise the issue. This has become a nightmare.
I am not sure from where did they picked a wrong address , when I have provided my aadhaar card. The problem here is not about the issue, but about rectifying the mistake even after informing them immediately. It was now 14th day and there is no response from them.
Remember, I haven't yet started trading with them. This is still beginning. The reason for writing such a review is, so that new people wont do the same mistake that I have done and face the problems.
I have sent 100 shares to Upstox to dematerialise in january and they havent done anything about it yet
i have all the screenshot of 9 months of conversation in my email i can post them here if they want . this is why i want to move out of Upstox .