Upstox deducting money hiddenly charging for deactivated service..All upstox user check ledger


Since I was on old freedom plan, I have activated PRIORITY PACK and deactivated 6 months back. They guided me how to do over phone.

Last week I found they have changed the date of deduction by 15 days making deduction date to 23 and still deducting for service which is no more active.

When I mailed them, they ask for screenshot for page when I deactviated, are they serious ? They said you can login to PROSTOCK online and go to ACCOUNT, there you will see the plan to deactivate. I went there and I see Activate Option since I already deactivated it. Today morning over phone the newbie support person confirmed there is no active priority plan in your account.

I told them so now it make sense to you, you are deducting the money from 6 months without any reason even when I send screenshot what is show in Account->Trading plan.

They know but replying unnecessary mail and openly cheating customer.

Please check your ledger as well you may be surprise in such instance or any deactivated service.
This is there mail, even after support confirming over phone there is no prioirty plan activated..

This is to inform you that, kindly unsubscribed the monthly priority plan which will get end upto 24.01.2021
So before it get auto renewed that plan.
1) Login with your UCC id & back office password(PAN No. in uppercase)
2) Click on " Monthly Priority Pack"
3) Click on "Unsubscribe"

Thank you for your patience.
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