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    Drawing Pivot Lines till Day End

    Below is a basic Pivot Code which I use for day trading in Ami. Now the issue is, the pivot lines are drawn only till the current candle which becomes bit difficult to comprehend during live market. Was looking for help if anyone can advise on below. Since Pivot lines remain static for the...
  2. G

    Consolidation Indicator

    Hi Experts, I found a thinkscript strategy for consolidation boxes: Attempted to convert it AFL, but can not seem to replicate, your help wioll be highly appreciated: // Consolidation Box...
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    Help needed regarding plotting static horizontal lines w.r.t option chain strikes

    Hello, Can anyone help me out regarding plotting of static horizontal lines on amibroker. Example, if i want to plot horizontal line on NIFTY charts w.r.t it's fixed option strikes, e.g. 10000,10050,10100,10150,10200 and so on (given range of 10000 to 10200, with increment of 50 points) Thanks...
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    Why has Zerodha stopped support for Amibroker & Pi-Bridge?

    Why has Zerodha stopped support for Amibroker & Pi-Bridge? How do they expect clients to automate their trade? Are they trying to push Kite-Connect API against Amibroker?
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    Amibroker vs Kite Connect

    What is the difference between automated trading with Amibroker and Zerodha Kite Connect? What is that we can do with Zerodha Kite Connect but can't with Amibroker and vice-versa?
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    Alternative of Amiquote

    Do we have a alternative of Amiquote? The free version allows us to only update 10 scrips. Can we have a Python script to download NSE all scrips EOD data from yahoo or quandl in amibroker readable format? I tried reading amibroker database but it is in binary format so we can’t directly...
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    High Breakout Strategy

    Hi , Below is my code generates a buy signal if Previous Day High is crossed. _SECTION_BEGIN("LongHighBreakout"); lastDayHigh = TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", inDaily, -1 ); todaysOpen = TimeFrameGetPrice("O",inDaily,0); cond1 = C < MA(C,13); cond2 = C < MA(C,50); cond3 = Ref( L, -1 ) > lastDayHigh...
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    Need Simple Candle Pattern Exploration AFL

    Hello AFL Experts, Need Amibroker Afl for the Below Candle Pattern Exploration, Please Help Me. I am not an IT Or Coding Professional. 1. Bullish Engulfing (ONLY BODY SHOULD CONSIDER) Previous Candle - Should be Bearish(Red) Candle Next Candle - Should be Green Candle, This Candle Body...
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    How to execute the order immediately after 'Cross' instead of after the close of the candle in AFL

    How to execute the order immediately after 'Cross' instead of after the close of the candle in AFL. My Current AFL has a function which performs execution of order after the moving average crossover, but the order gets executed only after the closure of the current candle. Instead of that, I...
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    Excel EOD Bhav Copy Downloader for Equity,Index,Future & Option (NseEIFO)

    Dear All, I have Created Excel File for Download Nse Equity,Index,Future and Option Bhav Copy Files and import to Amibroker Database. Kindly Download this file from here : . Video Help File ...
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    75 Minute Candle with 5 minute Supertrend

    Hi AFL folks, I am looking for an AFL code in this strategy : In a 75 minute candle, If 5 - minutes supertrend Indicator is below the 75 minute candle, and 5-minute RSI indicator value is between 32 and 50 - then it is sureshot BUY signal. In a 75 minute candle, If 5 - minutes supertrend...
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    Amibroker AFL Isnull

    I am trying to code supertrend formula in array: BASIC UPPERBAND = (HIGH + LOW) / 2 + Multiplier * ATR BASIC LOWERBAND = (HIGH + LOW) / 2 - Multiplier * ATR FINAL UPPERBAND = IF( (Current BASICUPPERBAND < Previous FINAL UPPERBAND) OR (Previous Close > Previous FINAL UPPERBAND)) THEN...
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    Static variable

    Dear Friends, I am trying to remove excess signals in amibroker. I am aware of exrem function but cannot use that as I have to set allowsamebarexit to true. Thus, trying to achieve the same using static function. However, not getting desired results. Below is my code: _SECTION_BEGIN("Price")...
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    Amibroker writing to file function

    I am using writing to file function: if(fh) { if ( LastValue(Buy1) == True AND alreadyopenbuy1 == "" ) I want to add time limit to it: startTime = 091500; // start in HHMMSS format endTime1 = 152900; // end in HHMMSS format timeOK1 = tn >= startTime AND tn <= endTime1; I tried using...
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    Amibroker Supertrend formula in Array

    I have a supertrend AFL formula in loop can any expert help in converting it into array: function SuperTrend(lenATR, width) { nATR = ATR(lenATR); pAvg = (H+L) / 2; upperBand = pAvg + width * nATR; lowerBand = pAvg - width * nATR; isUpTrend = True; dn = DateNum()...
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    Amibroker exrem function

    Need help on using Allowsamebarexit and exrem fucntion together. As using exrem, allowsamebarexit function doesn't work. Any help much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Need Help code Amibroker - Buy lowest close last 2 days

    hey guys. could someone pls post the code for the strategy: - buy the lowest of last 2 days. after that, - sell the highest of the last 2 days like the picture attached thanks a lot
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    Download 1 minute IEOD for NSE-EQ, FnO, COMMODITY & CDS- ABOUT 18MONTHS DATA...!

    Dear Friends, Here is link for 1minute IEOD data for NSE-EQ (about 600 scripts), FnO, MCX & CDS scripts. CLICK HERE It is about 4Gb Data...
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    Avoiding Short trade if a Buy is active

    In the strategy for Intraday trades below, I need only one trade active in a day. For eg. If the buy trade is active, then short trade for that day shouldn't be triggered. Similarly, if the short trade has been triggered first in the day, then the buy condition shouldn't be triggered until the...
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    Amibroker - Get Study (Drawings on chart) Array on Exploration

    Hello, I have drawn few study lines on the chart and want to get its data in Exploration. I am not getting this data when i use the 'Study' function and try to add it in Exploration using 'AddColumn' function. Request help to resolve this. Thanks! Anuma