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I trade on both Sharekhan and SAS... been good since 2015. For Sharekhan you can negotiate a better brokerage, the only hiccup is the Auto Square Off that kicks in at 15.04... You will not be able to modify any existing orders after that :(
So far upstox has not given any explanation on as to what the hell happened that lead to the downtime yesterday.

So I assume that these people must have made big money yesterday by locking customers out of their accounts and then trading in their own account with customer's funds.

I keep, what is for me, a significant amount of cash in my upstox account for trading. With what happened yesterday, upstox has lost my trust. Time to find a new broker. :(


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Yesterday 5 Paisa went down for almost 2/3rd of the Day. 1000s of traders had to bear huge losses as overnight positions were stuck and the loss kept on mounting . This is happening quite frequently now with brokers. Under the veil of technical glitch retail traders are being looted.

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