Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

Their customer service review is very poor apart from very high brokerage which is 250 rs per lot. :(
It's not that high. All depends on negotiation +account size. Customer service personally never had any bad exp.
I trade on both Sharekhan and SAS... been good since 2015. For Sharekhan you can negotiate a better brokerage, the only hiccup is the Auto Square Off that kicks in at 15.04... You will not be able to modify any existing orders after that :(
So far upstox has not given any explanation on as to what the hell happened that lead to the downtime yesterday.

So I assume that these people must have made big money yesterday by locking customers out of their accounts and then trading in their own account with customer's funds.

I keep, what is for me, a significant amount of cash in my upstox account for trading. With what happened yesterday, upstox has lost my trust. Time to find a new broker. :(


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Yesterday 5 Paisa went down for almost 2/3rd of the Day. 1000s of traders had to bear huge losses as overnight positions were stuck and the loss kept on mounting . This is happening quite frequently now with brokers. Under the veil of technical glitch retail traders are being looted.
Nest trader discontinued and no news when it will start?? The Upstox App sucks !!

Upstox guys are busy with IPL sponsorship and don't care about the retailers whose brokerage are the source of Income for their bread and butter.

I won't receive any proper response from here also like their sick customer care. Only a bot will come and speak to you !!! LOL

Bye Bye Upstox.
Upstox had temporarily disabled Dartstock app 2 weeks back. And its still not activated - and am not getting any update from their cust service either.

Upstox Guys, do you have any plans of re enabling support to your desktop apps?