Which is the best RKSV's upstox pro or Zerodha's kite

Whis is the best cloud trading platform

  • Upstox pro

    Votes: 17 50.0%
  • Kite

    Votes: 17 50.0%

  • Total voters
Any one used both upstox pro and kite? Whats your opinion about both?The advantages I seen in upstox pro is the speed of execution(as a positional trader(F&O) I dont care about that) and availability of many markets( I think zerodha is going to bring that soon). Other than these do RKSV upstox pro has any other features which is not available in zerodha kite?
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Both work on mobile and on web too
Both have graphs with indicator . I use Nest only tho.
Mobile is option only when u are not on desktop.

kite is light i find upstockbox resource hungry
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