1. U

    Robust, reliable and replicable strategy framework

    Hello everyone, Robust, reliable and replicable strategy framework Robust Could be statistically tested Can be used to generate live orders Compare performance against expected vs actual trades to spot out errors Easy to get started without too much technological stuff (installation and...
  2. R

    Anybody have any good strategy for trading gap up & gap down?

    Hello everyone. Does anybody have a strong and robust intraday strategy to trade gaps? This has baffled me for months now and I still haven't cracked it.
  3. R

    An Intraday Trading System that actually works - Use it if you like

    I'd been hunting for an intraday system that is consistently profitable for so many years and have tried my luck with dozens of them. I've learnt a lot from them and finally have designed one of my own over the last one year. It's made me money in both bullish and bearish markets. Hell, It...
  4. P

    Bank Nifty Strategy Expert advise needed

    Hi, I come across this idea while watching the nse option chain today. If i buy 25000 PE AND 25500 PE OF WEEKLY EXPIRY i.e 16 th nov. For protection(Hedge) as 25600 CE AND 24900 PE. As shown in the Excel Below. As per my under standing the Profit at the end of the contract it is 48 points...
  5. soft_trader

    Upstox - RKSV - Trade in Rs 20 Max

    Oh! got it. It is the patch for windows 7. I have once installed that that patch, but after installing that NOW used to hang every now and then so reinstalled NOW without that patch. Since then, NOW working great!! :cool:
  6. P

    How to identify a stock for short selling ?

    If you can share please tell your tips and tricks for identifying a stock for shorting. Please list here. When markets are bearish, this list can be a useful guide.
  7. V

    Lost 1 Lac in mcx , need startegy

    Hi traderji members I have lost 1 Lac in mcx trading (in 2 years). I dont know what is going wrong . I have tried many strategies but doesnt work (for me atleast) . I have even use from LRC to COG waves and simple price action to parabolic sar to fractals to DOM reading and much more . I...
  8. M

    An event driven strategy

    This event based strategy was in my mind for sometime and I thought I would share my thoughts here for your feedback. I would try to give as much information about this strategy here and also the rationale behind it. With out further adieu. Trade: BUY Markets: India, South East Asia Industry...
  9. T

    Simple Strategy that works

    Trading is simple if you always follow trend. My strategy is simple and easy. With this strategy i had made good amount of profit this year. I want to discuss the strategy to make it better. I dont do any kind of techincal analysis. My strategy: 1. Trading time 3.20pm to 3.30pm everyday...
  10. D

    Coding for Trade tiger using newly launched features

    Top ranked broker Sharekhan Ltd. just launched some new feature i.e. ored from excel and API for custom coding. I know everything about trade tiger but dont know coding. Have some strategies but unable to get it done using coding and API. Can anyone here help?
  11. M

    Can you suggest some high winning percentage strategies

    I am looking for some strategies with high winning percentage (more than 60%). I know that high winning percentage doesn’t mean high profit. I back tested a trend following method and in 10 years it gave one of the biggest profit but have a winning percentage of only 20-30%. In real life if i...
  12. M

    How to predict the ending of a trend

    Is there any indicator and techniques (no moving averages) to predict the ending of a trend (up or down)
  13. Sagarocks432

    Why this code is not working on amibroker

    plz remove this post Can any1 tell me how to delete your own post from this forum???
  14. P

    My Strategy

    I enter trade with following condition: Stock is trading above 50 day SMA Stock is trading above 200 day SMA MACD crossed signal line day before yesterday (trigger) Divergence rise was less than 400% while crossing signal line I exit the trade when MACD falls for the first time...
  15. nikki5_me

    Need ScriptCode for Expert Advisor in Zerodha Pi

    Hi friends, I am using the latest beta version Zerodha PI software to backtest the strategies. I found it interesting, checked with some strategies but didnt get desired results in backtest. I unfortunately have less knowledge of coding, so if possible can anyone code some strategies for me...
  16. badarivt

    Experiments with Strategies

    I have learnt quite a lot from seniors in Traderji, many thanks to them and the site. As a novice, I have done quite a bit of naked trades and have mostly lost money. Only recently, I have started using the 'neutral' strategy - strangle. Trading in long strangles is essentially trading...
  17. R

    My Trading Strategy Needs Coding

    Hi, Below is my simple strategy. Request to write AFL for same. AFLs of the components are available on net and on Traderji. I buy when Volume Zone Oscillator, VWAP and SuperTrend all are positively in Buy Mode. And do wait for reverse signals on all 3 to initiate a Short. Tried to put...
  18. T

    Intraday trading beginner strategy

    I want to discuss my intraday stock trading strategy. I am new to the market and doing my research work at the moment to get on with it.The strategy is based on what i have learnt till now..... Here, Consider a stock X of Rs500 (a volatile share) Now suppose it gains Rs 5 and reaches...
  19. B

    Option Strategy for Election results day

    Do you guys have any option strategies for election result day? Also can you please let me know what all are the stocks has high impact based on election result apart from ADANI group?
  20. B

    Introducing new iPad app for backtesting...CONFIDANT

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the new backtesting app I just launched for iPad called CONFIDANT. It's all about letting you customize your ideas (pattern-based) and see if those ideas could be profitable. I hope you will check it out, and find it useful and essential...