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It is around 11:40 AM as of this writing and the data is of 11:30 AM. There was some upmove etc etc today morning.. but still going with the usual routing of selling options : Below is the chart and data. Will come back at the end of day to see the profit :)

BankNifty Spot price = 30,404 (so considering 30400 for calculations)


So basically selling naked options of :
30100 PE : Rs 98
30700 CE : Rs 115
Total premium collected: Rs 213


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Now it is currently 1:40 PM and the data is around the same time. Banknifty Spot is around : 30340

As you can see .. many option buyers and buying selling scalping.. etc but many are coming out at breakeven due to fear. Option writers dont have much to be done.. except wait and smile ..

30100 PE : Rs 110
30700 CE : Rs 87
Total premium running : Rs 197

Profit = Rs 215 - 197 = Rs 18

will post further updates later ..


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Most option traders are direction and buying naked options .. waiting for market reversal from the lows of today.
However there is no reversal in sight yet.. even if it goes up by 50 - 75 points.. it is nothing much compared to the fall of 240 - 250 points today !!!
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