naked option selling

  1. Raj232

    Option Writing - Derivatives - Indices

    Starting a new thread, for those interested in option writing. Buying options always has the risk of sideways movement which makes the option lose value. Writing options involves higher margin but can be 'low or medium' level of risk as compared to buying options. Discussing ways and refining...
  2. H

    Naked Put unlimited risk?????

    Hi All, I want to start this new thread as there is something on my mind that has been bugging me for a long time and I would like to share it with the forum and hopefully get an answer. Ok heres the premise, I am a value investor and normally stick to the contrarian calls based on value...
  3. J

    Picking up nickels in front of steamroller!!

    For quite some I have been reading through entire forum to see if any one is in pure Option Selling based trading. I did not find any as mostly writing option is considered risky. However I have been trying to trade in pure writing. I have lost few thousands in intraday delivery based trade...