option selling

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    Option Selling

    I want to do option selling overnight. Which broker is best for providing best margin for it?
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    Group For Option Writers/Sellers

    Hi members, Is there is any group in Traderji.com / Facebook / Whatsapp / Telegram for option writers? I have see few groups in telegram and whatsapp for option buyers. I am having a part of my portfolio for option writing. Would like to meet the like minded traders in option writers.
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    Paper Trading Nifty Options Pair Sell

    Starting a trade to keep track of Nifty Pairs that I will be selling virtually :thumb: Its paper trading and purpose of this thread is just to study how the pair moves along with max pain and strike zone.
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    Earn 180% profit through nifty strategy

    Dear All, I have been doing some calculations to make a strategy in Nifty and got an idea which i would like to share here and know whether it has any shortfall.. Pls guide me, any constructive criticism is welcome!!! Here goes my thought: Step 1: Buy Nifty futures for the near month...
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    Picking up nickels in front of steamroller!!

    For quite some I have been reading through entire forum to see if any one is in pure Option Selling based trading. I did not find any as mostly writing option is considered risky. However I have been trying to trade in pure writing. I have lost few thousands in intraday delivery based trade...