1. J


    Hi all, I have designed an indicator called “Trendicator” for Nifty that provides intraday trend, i have tested this for a long period (10 years) and its working fine to my satisfaction in different market condition, thought of sharing in this forum, iam planning to test here and get members...
  2. D

    Best tool for quick scalping ?

    I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades...
  3. jallanankit

    AFL for trading Options.

    Hello Everyone, Well it has been quite some time, I am posting here on TJ. I have been into system trading and I sincerely believe, system trading can make money. I want to make a system wherein the BUY SELL logic on the Fut/EQ price chart gives BUY/SELL on the (At the money) ATM strike of the...
  4. primitivetrader

    Some useful tidbits for index intraday trading

    requesting admin to close this thread.
  5. zuma

    Banknifty Trading Diary

    my trading diary for banknifty trading
  6. Wisdom Capital

    Wisdom Capital Requests PM Intervention Against Impugned Peak Margin Circular

    Hello Traders, As you all are well aware that the recent impugned SEBI circular, dated 20th July, 2020, has taken a toll on all of us and that we, at Wisdom Capital, have challenged it in the court by filing a writ petition as well. The legal process is underway and we hope to get the unjust law...
  7. A

    Set and Forget - Index Futures Break out

    Hello, I've worked hard towards setting up an index futures system that trades on Nifty and BankNifty Futures. It is a breakout system that I intend to document here everyday. It only takes 10 minutes of time in a day. 5 Minutes in morning to punch trades with SL and 5 minutes near EOD to close...
  8. S

    Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 29th Jan'2020.

    Bank Nifty Trading Strategy for 29th Jan'2020. The sentiment is Bearish:- Trend will change to positive if we start trading above 31,480. Recent High (10th Jan) :- 32,347 & Recent Low (22rd Jan):- 30,614 23.6% 31,938.012 Pending 38.2% 31,684.994 Pending 50% 31,480.5 Pending 61.8% 31,276.006...
  9. Raj232

    Option Writing - Derivatives - Indices

    Starting a new thread, for those interested in option writing. Buying options always has the risk of sideways movement which makes the option lose value. Writing options involves higher margin but can be 'low or medium' level of risk as compared to buying options. Discussing ways and refining...
  10. P

    Elliott Wave Analysis of BANKNIFTY spot

    Hi All, I am planning to track BANKNIFTY per Elliott Wave principle. It will serve a sort of trading diary and also may provide a retro view of what works and what does not. I urge members to comment on the analysis. The original post is housed here...
  11. kingsmasher1

    Market order buy/sell of index options

    Hi All, Zerodha supports Market-Order buy/sell of index options (Nifty and BankNifty), but they have their own basket of issues and technical glitches. Can anyone help me to know which are the other brokers which supports market-order buy/sell of index options? Mostly all options needs a limit...
  12. kingsmasher1

    Too much risk in trading BankNifty or its options. Views welcome.

    I was trading regularly in BankNifty naked options intraday for last couple of months. Whereas i made some really good profits, but sooner or later i realize there is too much risk on it, and almost deciding to stop trading in BNF options. Why? Too much volatile, high beta. The average true...
  13. P

    Trading Secret!!!

    Traders may find this trading method interesting!!! Regards, k
  14. P

    Do you think NIFTY is overbought or still has more room upside?

    All sectoral PE ratios have gone thru the roof. I feel like the market has to consolidate. But this uptrend does not show any signs of weakening !:confused: Do you see any downside to markets in this JUNE month ?
  15. B

    50 Thousand to 3 Lakhs - Thoughts

    Dear Members, Is it possible to earn 3 lakhs from 50000 in a span of 6 months? I would like to achieve this target and would want your thoughts regarding my 3 lakhs target. Is it possible in 6 months, if not, then what can be the average ideal time to make this happen. If not in 6...
  16. M

    Any ideas on Copytrading Experts...?

    Hi all Does anyone have experience on copytrading services offered by Forex Brokers. If their claim is genuine,it seems like autotrading most Profitable Trades from Experts.. I've seen many Overseas Forex Brokers offering this service,but not anyone fromIndian Markets
  17. M

    Trading Plans.....Open to All

    Hi all This Thread is a part of my attempt to share my Trading Plans for coming days. My Trade Plans are not just based on Intuition,but strictly based on Technical Analysis based on a combination approach of GannAngles, PivotPoints and Fibbonacci ratios. Although i am able to Analyse any...
  18. S

    Tomorrow Nifty open position

    Tomorrow Nifty open position 12/08/2015 Open Below -8506.43 open Above -8454.80 Tomorrow bank Nifty open position 12/08/2015 Open Below -18759.55 open Above -18593.00
  19. A

    Nifty & Bank Nifty Cash - Amibroker

    Hi members, Is there any way I can get Nifty & Bank Nifty cash Real Time charting in amibroker. I can get futures from globaldatafeeds. But they dont provide cash charts. Thax all, aman.
  20. TraderRavi

    Day Trading Stocks & Futures

    Dear friends, starting this thread for NF trading. Note : Thread name edited on thread starter's request (06-08-18)