1. P

    Please comment, how is this strategy?

    Long straddle of Banknifty and short straddle of Nifty. How is this strategy?
  2. Raj232

    Option Writing - Derivatives - Indices

    Starting a new thread, for those interested in option writing. Buying options always has the risk of sideways movement which makes the option lose value. Writing options involves higher margin but can be 'low or medium' level of risk as compared to buying options. Discussing ways and refining...
  3. PairTradeZ


    Hi, I am trying to SHARE My Trades for keeping myself in DISCIPLINE.
  4. A

    Help Needed... Forex Loan Hedging

    Hi, I have returned to India last year from Hong Kong. While in HK I took a loan in HKD at bargain rate and invested the same in a business here. Since the INR has depreciated and I still have about 4 years of repayments, I am concerned about the Forex Exposure i.e HKD appreciating. The...
  5. R

    Earn 180% profit through nifty strategy

    Dear All, I have been doing some calculations to make a strategy in Nifty and got an idea which i would like to share here and know whether it has any shortfall.. Pls guide me, any constructive criticism is welcome!!! Here goes my thought: Step 1: Buy Nifty futures for the near month...
  6. A

    Rcom short

    Reliance communications came with good numbers today..... But i am not very bullish and expecting heavy 2G auction prices Hence trying to go short for about a month Sell June 70 call at 3.25 buy June 75 call at 1.80 max profit= 5800 Please comment what will be the max loss? and in which...
  7. K

    Hedging Nifty Futures with Mini Nifty

    Dear Friends, I build futures positions (max 4 lots) at one go. Do not believe in buying 1 at a time as the very nature of the market will never let you get the best average price. Also market if very volatile 1 lot is fine which I can carry for 4-5 days. My strategy has been to go...