1. PairTradeZ


    Hi, I am trying to SHARE My Trades for keeping myself in DISCIPLINE.
  2. A

    Help Needed... Forex Loan Hedging

    Hi, I have returned to India last year from Hong Kong. While in HK I took a loan in HKD at bargain rate and invested the same in a business here. Since the INR has depreciated and I still have about 4 years of repayments, I am concerned about the Forex Exposure i.e HKD appreciating. The...
  3. R

    Earn 180% profit through nifty strategy

    Dear All, I have been doing some calculations to make a strategy in Nifty and got an idea which i would like to share here and know whether it has any shortfall.. Pls guide me, any constructive criticism is welcome!!! Here goes my thought: Step 1: Buy Nifty futures for the near month...
  4. A

    Rcom short

    Reliance communications came with good numbers today..... But i am not very bullish and expecting heavy 2G auction prices Hence trying to go short for about a month Sell June 70 call at 3.25 buy June 75 call at 1.80 max profit= 5800 Please comment what will be the max loss? and in which...
  5. K

    Hedging Nifty Futures with Mini Nifty

    Dear Friends, I build futures positions (max 4 lots) at one go. Do not believe in buying 1 at a time as the very nature of the market will never let you get the best average price. Also market if very volatile 1 lot is fine which I can carry for 4-5 days. My strategy has been to go...