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  1. H

    How to earn 2% per week by Option Writing in Nifty and Bank Nifty?

    I recently heard a very successful Option Trader who mentioned that he earns 2% per week by trading in Option Writing of Bank Nifty? When I tried to find out how it is possible I did not get the answer. My thoughts were as follows Margin required for 1 lot of Option Writing in Positional...
  2. R

    Correct me if I'm wrong about options

    I just started learning about options. I just need someone to confirm some of my knowledge about option writing. 1. Selling a call option: If we are predicting that the price of the index/stock will not go past a certain price(strike price) which is above the current price, we sell a call...
  3. S

    Group For Option Writers/Sellers

    Hi members, Is there is any group in Traderji.com / Facebook / Whatsapp / Telegram for option writers? I have see few groups in telegram and whatsapp for option buyers. I am having a part of my portfolio for option writing. Would like to meet the like minded traders in option writers.
  4. R

    Simple Query on Option writing

    Dear all Please clarify my simple query regarding option writing. Please consider the following eg: I feel that the market is trending upwards and hence I do the below trade for April-16 expiry Sell one Nifty PE 7750 at 50 with spot Nifty at approx 7850. Please correct me if the below...
  5. R

    Hello everyone

    Hello everybody Hope and pray you all are doing fine.:clap: I am looking at making some money as I have quit my job. I have been following the markets on the sideline for many years and now finally want to get into Derivatives. Need all your support and guidance. Thanks Roshini
  6. B

    option writing premium and charges

    Hello I am novice in currency options trading and have started trading in Options. Recently I carried out following option currency trade. Short Option currency on 23 Dec 2015 ========================================= OPTCURUSDINR29DEC2015 66.50 CE S -3 0.0150 0.0000 0.0150 45.00 Pay...
  7. eagal

    Intraday Options Trading by VAMSI

    Hi I am starting trading recently about 6 months as normal lost some money. I don't know what percent of people will make money with out loosing in starting stage. I tried Nifty options, Futures, Commodities but no use. Actually I some what managed to break even in commodities. Any how...
  8. R

    how to write options?

    Hi guys, I am a newbie to options trading. I would like to know the steps involved in writing an option (call or put)? can i just simply sell an option and will that be considered writing an option? thank you
  9. S

    Make money in risk less option positional trade

    i am starting this trade to make the members understand the power of option trade. i am a person having 15 year plus experience in fund management and published many articles in this forum. same as i have written six book on intrday trade and f&O trade. since i felt the members must relaise the...
  10. N

    Advice please: FNO

    I am a beginner in options trading. Last few sessions I bought few call and put options and covered my positions in profit. I have a query. If I buy a lot of nifty put option then I have to have the total amount of premium money in my trading account. Suppose If I sell a lot of nifty put or call...
  11. J

    Picking up nickels in front of steamroller!!

    For quite some I have been reading through entire forum to see if any one is in pure Option Selling based trading. I did not find any as mostly writing option is considered risky. However I have been trying to trade in pure writing. I have lost few thousands in intraday delivery based trade...