1. O

    Options Scalping Trading journal (option.seas)

    (the purpose of this logbook is to document self progress and retain records for review later) trading duration - one year (01 jan 2023 to 31 dec 2023) trading insturments - options ( index / commodities) markets - nse / mcx type of trading - scalping start...
  2. T

    Arbitrage User ID for Jobbing Delhi/NCR

    Hi everyone, I need help in understanding the process to get User ID for jobbing from brokers in and around Delhi/NCR. I heard that they provide funds too on interest basis and u need to share profits. If u know any brokers who entertain single user also for giving user id, kindly provide the...
  3. F

    Strange candles in options

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum, i do option trading.. There are few questions I'm seeking about options but couldn't find anywhere..so i came here to find those questions.. So my questions are this way . Question 1) why does the indiavix show a very big candle at the 9:15, what is the reason...
  4. D

    Best tool for quick scalping ?

    I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades...
  5. S

    Please help to finish B.com research thesis on F&O

    Im student from RKM Vivekananda College. Plz help me finish my research thesis on Derivatives. Thanks in Advance
  6. madhavareddy1203

    After 5 years... Im back

    Hai Guys.. Im back after five years... lot of things changed in market.. Now brokers giving less exposure. Now im looking to write options.. Plz let me know which is best broker giving more exposure to write options. I need more exposure to carry positions.. Thanks in advance.
  7. N

    Option experts need help with current position

    I want to minimize my current option losses. There are some naked option buys that I have done. It is for June expiry. Anything that I can do reduce my losses, please suggest.
  8. V

    Fastest option chains

    Hello, Is there any broking platform that when we click on the stock it can automatically load all the needed option chains for the stock and with 1-2 clicks we are able to place the order? Currently am using Interactive Broker and it does this job but there is a platform lag and the price...
  9. B

    Brokers who has no restrictions on allowed strikes

    Guys, Which all brokers allow to buy cheap deep otm or itm bank nifty options ? On expiry day or any other day. In zerodha, it's not possible. I am looking for other options. Please do share your suggestions. Strategy is hero zero.
  10. F

    Planning to buy US futures & options from India...

    I signed up for an account with Webull. Put in an options trading application and it got accepted. I know that it is legal to invest in regular stocks in the US market, but investing in options is illegal. But how the hell will anyone know if I'm buying regular stocks or options with the money...
  11. R

    Looking for a Mentor

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Mentor. I stay in Mumbai. If anyone knows or is interested mentoring please reply.
  12. P

    Please comment, how is this strategy?

    Long straddle of Banknifty and short straddle of Nifty. How is this strategy?
  13. G

    Options strike price selection

    Hello Seniors and experienced members and Gurus, I have learnt a lot from you all. Thanks for your support so far. Now, I am facing a small requirement and unable to fix it. While scanning my AFL, its returning Short or Buy of Banknifty options strike price. But, I would like to get only one...
  14. S

    Can you recommend free options paper trading sites?

    I am looking for free options paper trading sites if possible for indian markets. NSE pathshala used to have a good options paper trading simulator but it seems NSE removed it. Can any one recommend any free options paper trading apps or sites? Tried investopedia but I think they have disabled...
  15. P

    derive IV for options

    Hi, Is there any AFL which can reverse engineer option price with help of black scholes model and provide Implied Volatility. Regards, Paresh
  16. Raj232

    Option Writing - Derivatives - Indices

    Starting a new thread, for those interested in option writing. Buying options always has the risk of sideways movement which makes the option lose value. Writing options involves higher margin but can be 'low or medium' level of risk as compared to buying options. Discussing ways and refining...
  17. P

    How theta value fluctuates up n down

    Theta value depends on no.of days required for expiry, but I observed that in day theta value is keep changing. How? If it depends on no. of days then how it it fluctuates up n down. please help me to understand.
  18. kingsmasher1

    Market order buy/sell of index options

    Hi All, Zerodha supports Market-Order buy/sell of index options (Nifty and BankNifty), but they have their own basket of issues and technical glitches. Can anyone help me to know which are the other brokers which supports market-order buy/sell of index options? Mostly all options needs a limit...
  19. O

    Why are Nifty Options Price So High

    I am an amateur options trader doing Monthly Options trading on Nifty Index options. I have observed that ever since the volatility surge in the markets during the October 2018, the Nifty Index option prices have shot up heavily as shown below and have remained at that level. How do you explain...
  20. C

    help needed to automate options

    Hi, I need help to automate option strategy to be fired at once from excel or python script to my broker Zerodha. Any help in that direction would be greatly appreciated.