1. S

    Can you recommend free options paper trading sites?

    I am looking for free options paper trading sites if possible for indian markets. NSE pathshala used to have a good options paper trading simulator but it seems NSE removed it. Can any one recommend any free options paper trading apps or sites? Tried investopedia but I think they have disabled...
  2. Raj232

    Option Writing - Derivatives - Indices

    Starting a new thread, for those interested in option writing. Buying options always has the risk of sideways movement which makes the option lose value. Writing options involves higher margin but can be 'low or medium' level of risk as compared to buying options. Discussing ways and refining...
  3. Y

    Helping Traders who have recently lost in derivatives(FO)

    i am trying to help out people who lost heavily in recent market fall. i will post here charts ,and data relating to derivatives. although it is not possible to post on daily basis ,will try to send as many days possible but week end is for sure
  4. A

    We created a petition regarding SEBI's new rules

    Hello everyone. I am Avi Garg and I founded ARTI which stands for ASSOCIATION OF RETAIL TRADERS OF India. Our objective is to fight against SEBI because we all know SEBI is evil and their rules are regressive. I have created a petition that I would like everyone to sign -...
  5. Sanskar Pathk

    Selling or squaring off?

    Hey all I'm new to options trading. I bought a put option of nifty PE9200 when the nifty was 9900 premium Rs.5 The next day the nifty fell down by 100 points and the premium increased by RSs.1 i.e Rs. 6 I sold it and got profit of 1500 after brokerages and tax The next i checked my portfolio...
  6. C

    Answer for Taxation Queries

    Dear All, Over past couple of years, especially after demonetization, we have seen an avalanche of amendments in taxation laws, be it regarding how you file returns under 44AD, the tax return forms, cash deposits, reporting requirements (Form 61A) etc. I would be glad to help you all for...
  7. R

    Hello everyone

    Hello everybody Hope and pray you all are doing fine.:clap: I am looking at making some money as I have quit my job. I have been following the markets on the sideline for many years and now finally want to get into Derivatives. Need all your support and guidance. Thanks Roshini
  8. K

    Interning with an experienced trader

    Sorry if the thread title sounds misleading. I recently resigned from Goldman Sachs (middle office role in equity derivatives) Bangalore wanting to pursue trading full time. My handicap is that I have very little experience of trading other than a few stocks which i invested before joining...
  9. H

    Dissertation Topic in Financial Engineering

    Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to this world of trading. I am a student of Msc Finance and I would like to do my dissertation in any topics associated with Financial Engineering. I am fairly comfortable with stochastic and deterministic pricing models (BS, Heston etc), vols and greeks. However...
  10. eagal

    Intraday Options Trading by VAMSI

    Hi I am starting trading recently about 6 months as normal lost some money. I don't know what percent of people will make money with out loosing in starting stage. I tried Nifty options, Futures, Commodities but no use. Actually I some what managed to break even in commodities. Any how...
  11. T

    Mba Projects Titles On Derivatives 100%calculation part -2015

    1. Report on Currency Derivatives. 2. Competitive Analysis of Equity market and Derivative market. 3. Project Report on Risk Management In Derivatives 4. A Comparative study of Derivatives 5. Risk Management at Derivatives. 6. A study of Investor Perception at Religare Securities for...
  12. V

    Margin Query

    How a margin is calculated in the following scenario- I bought 1 lot of NIFTY @ 7400 and sold a Call option of Strike Price 7600 at a premium of Rs. 23. I would be grateful for an answer to this.
  13. L

    Options Adjustments

    This Thread is regarding how we can manage all adverse/worse scenarios in our strategy through adjustments. Just giving tips no real examples. Request all seniors to give their inputs. Assumptions 1) We do non directional trade and donot understand technical analysis. 2) We calculate theta...
  14. K

    How to get Margin File for Derivatives?

    Hello, I am looking for the Margin file for the derivatives from NSE website. Is there anyway i can get the exact margin for all the script in NSE. MCX and NCDEX provides it on their website but i could not find it on NSE website. Please Help. Kanak Shah
  15. A

    Difference between equity and derivatives

    What is difference between equity and derivatives?
  16. A

    Calculating Daily Returns for Futures Contract

    I am calculating daily returns for a position in a futures contract. I am a little stuck with margin and how to account for it. I specifically dont understand how return is calculated after Margin account falls below Maintenance Margin. I will ask my issue through an example , please help if...
  17. I

    Need help with derivatives trading with sharekhan using TradeTiger

    I have the latest Trade Tiger Software (advanced) from sharekhan. I have been trading in equities and now I want to trade in derivatives as well. However, all the info seems a bit confusing with different versions of it. I just want to know how to trade in derivatives and how to do so using...
  18. F

    First Investment

    Do you remember your first investment? Hello everyone, I've been in the stock market the past 12 years, as an investor and a franchise owner. As they say people do not forget their first love, I mean investment...which was SBI back in 2001 purchased at Rs 180 something and sold in 1...
  19. J

    Hi...Please Help

    Is there any website that give the chart of option price at different strike? I checked on It gives only the instantaneous price, days low and high but does not display historic chart for price. I am looking for option price charts similar to the stock quote charts. I...
  20. T

    How to trade in US markets being indian citizen?

    Hello guys.. Is there any way to trade in US markets ( derivatives ) being an citizen.. I heard somewhere that interactive brokers do provide access to US markets but one can only trade in cash segment and not in derivatives. Any input welcome.