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There are good numbers of silent old members(active pro traders) also present in the TJ forums, who still visit the forums.. they don't even post frequently...but many such old ids still active.... TJ is one of the oldest & popular forums since a decade.
....i could find the post mentioned on this...might be deleted.......zerodha grew up from this forum traderji ...i believe virtually all the active members have/had account with them...

traderji played a big role in many like that.

Yes it is available. You'll need to select nit from the drop down menu. In total, all 4 weekly expiries are available in the same window.

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...thats a good initiative....but i believe many active option trader might have that in their excel..... Do u have strategies with IV / delta /vega/theta mapped to the terminal ?.... i mean... can a trader do the analysis of strategies and place/repair strategies directly???.......

For ideas Check THINK OR SWIM?

You mean to sell OTM options on expiry day? Is there any broker who does?

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yes.....i was expecting this answer
Intraday leverage to sell options is at market standard as of now. Over boarding on leverage can be tricky to manage..
.........many fulltime brokers give that....far lesser than wht people expect but only intraday.....


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We don't yet have MCX. But now since commodity options are being launched and a universal account can be used to trade both equity and commodities, we're getting it at the earliest.

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Hi, Any plans to lunch NCDEX fut. as well. your kind of platform and tech. would certainly first time for NCDEX if offered. Therefore, u have better prospects to have good customer base.

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Hello Blackhole, Yes, I've already realized it was a grave mistake not to be here earlier. Although many traders might have it on their excel, the platform can make it more convenient. Yes, we have option greeks in Fyers One. Read this post for more info. Thinkorswim is awesome but we taking one step at a time. Popular features of other platforms are in our radar.

You know what, I'm so glad to be a part of a forum where traders are interacting so actively. We want this feedback mechanism to get better and to build our product line in the future.

Tejas Khoday

Co-Founder & CEO, FYERS
Just saw a welcome message from Traderji Moderator. I like a hands on approach. Didn't want to make anyone else sit on this forum. So here I am.. The UI upgrade looks cool.

Tejas Khoday

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yes. specially for commercials. Guar, Castor, cotton meal & Soyabean are traded by large corporations. I myself done that in Guar seed for MP Birla group. but were taking delivery as well.
I meant, is there a demand for those commodities for it to be commercially viable for us as a broker? We don't mind as long as it makes sense. After meeting with one of the majority shareholders of NCDEX, I wasn't very bullish since retail traders are not very active there. As a broker, we need volumes. I have been meeting with ICEX officials too. They have been trying to convince Fyers to become a member. It's a new concept: A diamond exchange! But will need to see some uptake before we can just take the plunge..