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  1. S

    Do any stock brokers give this type of order?

    I gave a vague title because I really don't know whats this order or trading method is called. I know about limit, market, stop loss market and stop loss limit orders but I dont think this comes under any of those order type. Let say a stock's current price is Rs 100. I want to place a buy...
  2. K

    RECOMMENDED Forex Brokers in 2018

    Hey guys, I searched on this forum and could not find any recent thread for recomended forex brokers, please share wghich brokers you use personally and the easy and advantages of that broker as well, if possible. Any answers to this thread would be vastly appreciated! Thanks, Kartikeya.
  3. Tejas Khoday


    Hey, we finally decided to start a thread here on Traderji. Our Intro: Fyers is a technology focused stockbroking firm based in Bangalore, India. We're a group of young but experienced professionals in the field of broking, trading & trading related technology. We take our jobs seriously and...
  4. pulkit55

    POLL - Which is the Best Broker in India

    Comparisons, Discussions, Opinions on Best Broker I am a Beginner with 0% Experience. Looking for Customer Friendly, Easy to Operate, BEST Trading Broker Please Share your Experiences, Recommendations Here (For any Broker you Like). Please Take Part in Poll Too Thanks in Advance