Fyers employees squaring off clients' positions without consent?


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On 8/1/2021 I bought GOLD 27012156000 CE at Rs.20.00. I also had a Goldpetal futures position (LONG). My default settings for order are margin. I didnot convert these positions into intraday.
However, today morning I found the Gold options position has been squared off AT Rs.17.00. This I'm positive that I did not do. They have given the order no and time etc in the contract note (?).
When I complained support says I squared it off from my end.
There is no logic to this as I'd have squared off the futures first, as the loss on options is capped.

I'd this doubt on another auto square off experience with them so I had changed the default order to margin.
Now complaining to SEBI.
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I entered the complaint with full details on this site on chrome and after submission it is showing error.
This is like a Band of Robbers/ brothers movie.
What these people dont realise is that they may escape human law, but nature's law they cant escape. We are seeing it in front of our eyes now.
Try after some time, or try at night. If doesn't work still, you can write to pgportal.
Every other page on the https://scores.gov.in/ site is working. How many traders try to complain at a time?
The most heavily accessed website irctc.co.in where tens of thousands of Indians try to reserve after 8:30 am, it doesnt crash.
Yeah. The dice is loaded against the small guy. Today I lost a goodly bit because of bad connection.


Try scores after hours, or at late night. If still doesn't work, you can finally contact pgportal. You can also use the "contact us" option on scores website.