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  1. B

    What is stock trading?

    Stock trading refers to buying and selling of company shares for profits or gains. People buy stocks and look for selling the same at a better price in one hour, in two days or even in a month. This contrasts with buying shares and holding it for decades and selling it for a large lumpsum...
  2. Dealmoney Securities

    Thank You - From Dealmoney Securities

    Dealmoney would like to Thank You for your acceptance and patronage. We are grateful to be in such a diverse group of finance enthusiasts. So Thank-You so much. Team Dealmoney "
  3. S

    Unable to sell stock- ICICI direct

    I bought KNR construction on 21st April on margin buy and sold it off on the same day. In the order book it shows that KNR construction was bought again where i didnt buy it. Now it is showing in my porfolio and when i am trying to sell it off , it is giving error message "Insufficient stocks...
  4. C

    Algo Trading Service Agreement Terms

    We would be launching an algotrading service where our algorithm will trade in the client account. We have used Zerodha and Upstox API to build this system and user will log in and there API daily keys are stored in database after which the system places orders and manages the trade without any...
  5. J

    How to calculate profit and loss

    I have a trading account in 5paisa. (cost cutting per order is Rs.10/-) example : if i am buying a 100 quantities of stocks of Rs. 500/- each . 100 * 500 = 50000/- and if i sell those stocks at 512/- , now how to calculate the profile . && if i sell those stocks at 450/- , now how to...
  6. Mukr

    Improvements needed in Fyers web aka Trading view! (clients)

    Hi Dear readers and traders iam Murali Krishna and full time trader and i created this thread to discuss trading view (Fyers web) as trading platform and want to know about pros and cons of this to me as trader in seeking opportunities!
  7. Shivam DUbey


    “In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” -Peter Lynch :pompus: THE AIM IS TO :stop:" TRADE WELL, NOT OFTEN" :finger:
  8. 5paisa


    There are two types of brokers found in the market when it comes to trading. What are the differences between the two brokers?
  9. Tejas Khoday


    Hey, we finally decided to start a thread here on Traderji. Our Intro: Fyers is a technology focused stockbroking firm based in Bangalore, India. We're a group of young but experienced professionals in the field of broking, trading & trading related technology. We take our jobs seriously and...
  10. R

    Hello Friends!!

    My name is Raj and I have just joined this forum. I was always a long term investor in equities. Now I would want to diversify and learn more about options trading and also day trading. I hope there are people out here who would help me in this effort of mine. Thank you all in advance...
  11. maheshnmahi

    Entering new world! need help on understanding trading techniques and open account

    Hello, I'm new to trading and I want your help to take some small steps to enter in trading world.:yahoo: Since I want to take it slow, I have 50K in hand and I want basically do day trading most of the time and swing if required. So here goes: I am yet to open trading+demat, so I...
  12. bharat1111

    want to open ac in smc

    Sir I want to open demat trading account in smc trade online please sir tell me that , they are fraud or not?
  13. M

    Fund transfer

    Dear all How to transfer fund from NRE account to broker's trading account ? I had NRE PIS account also in same bank. So please tell me anyone in detail for this transaction to and fro. Thanks and regards Mohamed Siddique UAE [email protected]
  14. A

    Joint Trading Account with a Foreigner

    I want to open a joint trading account with a foreigner (In India on Tourist Visa) . Is this allowed? What are the relevant laws? Any help and suggestions are appreciated.
  15. A

    Hello to Everyone

    hello everyone.. I see myself as a beginner in this trading world.. and I am desperate to know how all this work especially the online virtual trading section.. It would be very helpful for a beginner like me if you guys share some basic and important things of trading with me..
  16. P


    What are the benefits of opening a trading A/c with a discount broker compared to a regular one?
  17. S

    On Line Trading

    Awesome! All at one place like Nearest Mall – Jump..Hop..Shop. Now Research Reports on a single click on MOSL Integrated Trading Platform, go through and trade.
  18. M

    Trading A/C opening in Indian Address for NRIs

    Dear All I am now in UAE. I would like to open trading and demat account in India Right now I have PIS account with reputed bank. but I have no Valid abroad residency address proof, only having residency permit of UAE. I like to open account in communication address of India Is possible...
  19. A

    Which site is the best provider Overseas Trading in India.

    Hi, I want to open an account for Overseas Trading. Which site is the best provider of Overseas Trading in terms of brokerage, payments, money transfer, etc. Thanks. Amar.