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  • I am really disappointed about fyers support helpdesk. Still my IL&FS account not closed and my equities and option contract with huge margin money hold there due to poor communication from KYC Team. I am trying on daily basis for communication, but KYC team member purposely ignore. Ticket no. 523489.
    Everyday I written a mail to KYC team as well phone call to support desk. You are my last hope.
    One of the worst customer support team with inept attitude. Being in the customer centric business the way they treat customers is in itself tells that this is a company which is going nowhere. No way to escalate issues and no defined escalation process. Contrast this with my experience with zerodha where i have sent emails directly to Mr.Nitin and got issues addressed.
    Worst support desk. Written in the wall. Height of arrogance and bad attitude. Never have empathy towards customer. I wish this should run in the long run, but if some day, it will close, it will be just because of unprofessional support desk. It seems, no one is taking the notes, what exactly they are doing.
    I agree with your view and customers are totally at the mercy of their useless support team who chooses not to address the issues if they don't want to.
    Dear Tejas,

    Please note a discrepancy in ISIN code for Eicher Motors in the Fyers master symbol list available at:


    Eicher Motors Record in CSV:
    1010000000910,EICHER MOTORS LTD,0,1,0.05,INE066A01021,0915-1530|1815-1915:1,2020-10-08,,NSE:EICHERMOT-EQ,10,10,910

    The correct ISIN code is INE066A01013 for Eicher motors. Hopefully this gets rectified :)
    Dear Thejas Khoday, during the account opening process, my mail address misspelled and unable to login now. We sent hard copy of 'mail change request'. However the same was not reached upto your office (may due to the nationwide lockdown is in force). Kindly accept the soft copy of the same as I have to transfer capital for day trading. Please let me know if the signed soft copy is acceptable or not. Tnx. Stay Safe.
    Tejas Khoday
    Tejas Khoday
    Hi, Thanks for writing. Yes we can do that. Please get in touch with our support team. They will do the needful.
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    hi tejas, I want api documentation of dot net (not of python or rest api), but i dont find it on your website whereas zerodha has the library of dotnet available.
    please post a link if you have it as i want to develop in visual basic.
    @Tejas Khoday

    Can I use fyers one and fyers web/mobile App simultaneously for placing trades ?
    Tejas Khoday
    Tejas Khoday
    Nope. You will be able to use Fyers One and Web but we won't get real-time updates on Fyers One. It is not recommended.
    I have sent numerous mails and messages on fyers support but no reply
    Tejas Khoday
    Tejas Khoday
    Hi, Just saw your message. If you have issues, you can write on our thread. I am more available there. I don't get notifications for messages posted here on my profile. You can also send me a personal message with the ticket number if the issue still persists.

    I have been trying to reach fyers support for my demat account opening, the form was received in the fyers office more than a week ago, continuous mails and messages to fyers support, and I have sent you messages on twitter also, ticket number is 62252245,and there is no response from your side till now, kindly look into the matter
    Tejas Khoday
    Tejas Khoday
    Hi Pranjal, I am not able to find this ticket number in our system. I hope that it is resolved. Also, I get a lot of messages on Twitter so at times, I may not be able to revert on time across various social media handles. I hope you understand. However, @FYERS_Team is active on the thread and will resolve your issues.
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