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  1. A

    FYERS API- Disclosed quantity feature in Bo/Co

    Hello Fyers Team, I was checking fyers API and wanted to ask why the disclosed quantity feature is not enabled in BO/CO orders ? This is because for small traders rely on margins for BO/CO orders and its known fact that higher quantity orders are hunted down(order manipulation takes place) very...
  2. I

    INSIGHT- Platform for traders/investors following advisors.

    Hello traders, Imagine, how easy life would have been if the trade signal from your trusted advisor gets automatically placed in your trading account, just at the touch of a button ! INSIGHT platform is just the thing for traders and investors. INSIGHT helps you follow your trusted advisor...
  3. L

    Does anyone has account in Broker Called " The Next Trade "

    They Provide flat 10 rs Per trade for Every Segments Bank Nifty Option Selling For 2500 Rupees Nifty option Selling For 4500 Offers Seems to be good But I wanted to know Whether they Are legit ? If anyone has account in it please comment Below
  4. T

    Which brokers offer NSE NOW for trading?

    Hi, I had opened my finvasia account in august 2018 predominantly because of zero brokerage + NSE NOW offered for trading as the trading platform. I got used to using NSE NOW with Zerodha due to incessant and bullshit excuses zerodha gave for its outages while their founder has gotten richer...
  5. Sanskar Pathk

    Which is the best discount broker?

    The criteria should be:- Brokerage charges Trading Platform Customer care Ease of account opening
  6. Tejas Khoday


    Hey, we finally decided to start a thread here on Traderji. Our Intro: Fyers is a technology focused stockbroking firm based in Bangalore, India. We're a group of young but experienced professionals in the field of broking, trading & trading related technology. We take our jobs seriously and...
  7. M

    Looking for trading account

    Hi, I am looking for good trading platform. I was using Kotak securities platform but one cant do proper technical analysis in their software. Basically I am looking for reliable trader which - different time frames for technical analysis - sophisticated tools like RSI, MACD, bollinger...
  8. N

    Difference between Demat accounts (sbi, icici) and discounted account (Zerodha, RKSV)

    I want to invest in stock market(less than 20k rs) and for that purpose i have to open a demat account(online). i am a novice and dont know much about trading and trading accounts. while searching net i came across sbi, icici direct, zerodha and rksv accounts. The problem is zerodha and rksv is...
  9. DSM

    Which is the best Charting platfrom?

    It took me a long time to find a charting platform that helped me to trade live. In my opinion Sharekhan Trade Tiger 2.4 is the best terminal as far as the charting tools is concerned with more than 14 customisable indidcators, including MA, RSI, Stochastics, BB, MACD, PSAR, Supertrend etc...
  10. C

    Where can one place both stop & target orders?

    Does any one know stock broker or trading platform or software that allows placement of two orders linked to each other: 1. stop loss order and 2. target order. On execution of any one order, the other order gets cancelled automatically. Margin is not blocked as the linked orders aim to square...
  11. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Free Customized Trading Platform with Real time data

    Hello all my Trading friends, I wanted to make a free of cost trading platform for the traderji Users, who doesn't have real time data feed. I saw some threads are there, but there was no solution. I have computer science background. So I decided to make one for myself first. So here in this...
  12. thestarvingtrader

    Sharekhan's Trade Tiger 2 Feedback Thread

    Hello all! The Starving Trader has been using Sharekhan's Trade Tiger and then TT 2.0.1 for a few months now. This is the only trading software that he has used so far to trade the Indian markets but has been told that TT is pretty much the most advanced broker-provided trading platform...
  13. S

    How to use diifferent trading platforms for IIFL???

    With a great respect to all senior TRADERS & successful TRADERS. We probably all know IIFL gives their new TRADERS TERMINAL But it's worst than their old software TTAdvance. It was much faster than the new one. The main problem with their disconnection and new charting environment...
  14. T

    Automated Trading Platforms

    Please share thoughts of those using automated trading platforms on the NSE to trade stocks or derivatives
  15. S

    Demo for Trading platforms for opening account

    Hi me new to day trading. i searched this forum for demo for the trading platforms. i found some demos but all those demos are screen shots only. can i get real demo of online trading platforms of these brokers . i am not sure how many have their trading platforms. please give link to download...
  16. N

    HSBC Invest Direct

    Hello Friends, IL&FS Invest Smart is now HSBC Invest Direct. I was intending to take up Angel Broking all this while but since I already have a considerable banking relationship with HSBC, the 3in1 Account in one place appeals to me. Has anybody used HSBC Invest Direct or its erstwhile...