1. A

    Options brokerage is expensive

    Hello Friends, I am new to Options trading. I wanted to find the brokerage charges for trading an Option. Since I have an account with Zerodha, I went to their brokerage calculator and input the details (Please check the image). I was shocked to find that brokerage for options is very...
  2. R

    Good broker for high frequency trading

    I want to trade in high frequency mode (100-200 trades a day) using DOM(Depth of Market) or Price Ladder. Each trade is going to be around 5-10 seconds long where I am looking to capture about 0.03-0.5% at max. I have paper traded and found this method of trading highly accurate and this is...
  3. TradeOptions

    Comparison between Different Brokers

    If anyone wants to do the comparison between different brokers, then please checkout the sister concern website of at this link - Regards
  4. G

    Break even for my portfolio

    Hey guys, I am new here and newbie in stock market. I have just started trading. I have purchased 4 shares @83.25 (BALRAMCHIN),3 shares @121.55 (GSFC),5 shares @69.95(SAIL) (all NSE trades). Broker charged me (delivery) Rs.1.59 ,2.32,1.34 per share respectively. They provide brokerages @0.3% for...
  5. Sanskar Pathk

    Which is the best discount broker?

    The criteria should be:- Brokerage charges Trading Platform Customer care Ease of account opening
  6. Tejas Khoday


    Hey, we finally decided to start a thread here on Traderji. Our Intro: Fyers is a technology focused stockbroking firm based in Bangalore, India. We're a group of young but experienced professionals in the field of broking, trading & trading related technology. We take our jobs seriously and...
  7. G

    Business Model of Minance

    Hi, Does any body have a clear idea of the business model of Minance Capital, Bangalore? They claim to be a registered sub brokers of Angel broking and can thus manage their clients' accounts (placing orders on clients behalf). Also, they share the profits generated in the clients account in a...
  8. J

    brokerage firms??

    How do brokerage firms work?and which is the best in INDIA
  9. P

    Brokrage and leverage for currency trading

    Hey, I am new to TJ nd trading. I am a beginner and paper trading right now in USDINR pair. I want to switch to live account soon and want your help and suggestions regarding leverage provided by indian brokers. I have been searching and all the brokers advertise their brokerage but haven't...
  10. S

    Brokerage Calculator

    Is there any calculator to calculate brokerage ??
  11. A

    Franchiese enquiry

    Hi Members, I am planning to take a franchise from a broker. Please advise which shall I go with. I am looking for the one which is not asking for any deposit and has the best brokerage plan. Thanks all. Aman
  12. Nehal_s143


    Hi Came across website http: // onlinezerobrokerage . com / they offer unlimited trading with 9999 life time package only STT and taxes we need to pay. Any body using this broker ? how is the report ?? Please share your experience, I want to open a/c with them...
  13. T

    Tax and brokerage intraday 2014.

    I want to know what is the profit (my net earnings ) after deducting the brokerage and all kind of taxes in intraday trading. Suppose a share is bought for rs 431 and sold for rs 431.35. what will be net amount i will gain after paying all the taxes?? Brokerage is .02% both sides Also if i...
  14. P

    Are you paying less brokerage than my broker

    Dear friends I am having account with for last 6-7 years, which is the biggest arbitrage trading company in Mumbai. I am paying 0.005% in intra day trading, and 0.05% in delivery. Rs 8 per day per scrip is paid for demat transaction.There is no volume commitment. All statutory...
  15. I

    Moneycontrol portfolio

    I plan to use moneycontrol portfolio to track my equities. When I attempted to add a buy transaction I noticed the following comment * Please ensure the brokerages and STT have been added to your purchase price I understand the reason for adding brokerage to purchase price but I don't...
  16. C

    Brokerage for Intraday Margin trading in HDFC Securities

    Hello Team, I want to know the details of Brokerage which HDFC Securities is charging for Intraday Margin Trading as description provided on their site is not correct. The description on their site is Brokerage 0.05% or min Rs.25/- or ceiling of 2.5% on transaction value (Both Buy & Sell)...
  17. R

    Regarding Brokerage

    Hi, I am confuse about my brokerage. I bought Cadila Health Care at 695.30 for delivery. On second day in my DP it is showing price 700 per share. I am not able to calculate brokerage charged. Can someone please help me?
  18. D

    want to learn option trading

    Hi everyone, I am trading in options for 1 year now. I wish to make it a full time profession. I welcome your strategies for the same. I also want to know who offers least brokerage on options
  19. Einstein

    ShareKhan Brokerage!!

    Hi, This is my brokerage structure of Sharekhan, Can anyone tell me is it high or average??
  20. N

    Trading in Pro code and brokerage

    Hi All, I wanted to know that can a Stock broker company trade in the pro code and also charge brokerage on the same? If Yes, please let me know can we avoid service tax compliances. If No, please let me know where is it written. Would request to please post your answers with valid...