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  1. easydemat

    Benefits & Process for Having PPF Account for Children at an Early Age

    Introduction: Investment is the key to growing money. Banks help you keep your money safe, but if you want to double or triple your money, then just keeping it in a savings account isn't going to help. Share market is not everyone’s cup of tea, given its volatility. So, where does the more...
  2. rahulsharma17

    Fyers 30 Days Challenge - Discussion

    This thread is to discuss the "Fyers 30 Days Challenge" introduced by Fyers. This challenge states that, if you remain profitable for the 30 trading days period then all your brokerage charges will be refunded with no upper limit.
  3. H

    Penalties be NSE

    Where can I find the penalties levied by the NSE?
  4. Tejas Khoday


    Hey, we finally decided to start a thread here on Traderji. Our Intro: Fyers is a technology focused stockbroking firm based in Bangalore, India. We're a group of young but experienced professionals in the field of broking, trading & trading related technology. We take our jobs seriously and...
  5. B

    Power of Attorney and Freezing of demat account

    I want to know that if I freeze my demat account for debit transactions and give Power of Attorney (POA) to my broker then will they be able to debit shares from my account in that case? Does POA give my broker the right to lift the debit freeze and then debit my shares?
  6. H

    Best Demat Account

    I've been looking to shift from my current Demat service provider. Most of the threads in Traderji seem to be outdated. Which Demat SP would you recommend keeping in mind all the attributes such as: Safety of investments (incl. unauthorised transactions) Cost Reliability and Customer...
  7. P

    Selling shares via Angel Broking help!!

    Back in the time I owned the physical shares of 2-3 old companies which still trade in the market and in the past year, I have converted them into Demat account with DP Angel broking. Now recently I am using their online service (Angel Eye) to trade in shares. But when I was tried to sell...
  8. G

    DP Closure help :( :(

    Hi, I needed some help regarding closure of DP account. My grandmother is around 75 yrs old is holding a DP account in ING VYSYA (now Kotak) from past 8-10 years (i hope so) which my father had opened and about which she was unaware. My father was basically trading through that account...
  9. maheshnmahi

    Entering new world! need help on understanding trading techniques and open account

    Hello, I'm new to trading and I want your help to take some small steps to enter in trading world.:yahoo: Since I want to take it slow, I have 50K in hand and I want basically do day trading most of the time and swing if required. So here goes: I am yet to open trading+demat, so I...
  10. N

    Difference between Demat accounts (sbi, icici) and discounted account (Zerodha, RKSV)

    I want to invest in stock market(less than 20k rs) and for that purpose i have to open a demat account(online). i am a novice and dont know much about trading and trading accounts. while searching net i came across sbi, icici direct, zerodha and rksv accounts. The problem is zerodha and rksv is...
  11. S

    Best Demat Account Service Provider In India?

    Q. Kindly share the name of the company which is providing the best demat account services in india & why do u think they are among the best? Q. Should we keep demat & brokerage trading account separate from one another? because it is said that don't keep all your eggs in one basket.
  12. T

    Transfer of shares from one account to another ?

    I know that we can transfer shares from one demat account to another. My real question is : Suppose A bought 100 lots for rs 200 ..and decide to transfer this to another demat account, X. 1.A transfers it to X, will the money he bought the lots for credited back to A`s account ? 2...
  13. X

    Problem in Demat Account

    Hi,i'm a new investor to stock market.Actually, i started my demat a/c and trading a/c before some months..During that period,i registered with NSDL website(via ideas for demat account).My DP told that i can see the stocks in nsdl websites online.After 3 months, i started to invest in shares and...
  14. G

    Opening Demat account

    Hiiii friends, I am newbie in trading. I want to open a demat account for trading purpose .I am confuse where i should open the demat account as in market there are many account available and i starting trading i wont be investing big amount . So please help me
  15. R

    Multiple Share holding pattern - Physical shares to Demat

    My Problem is that we are three siblings and the problem is when there was physical trading of shares we used to sign on the buying of the shares in no particular pattern. Some has me as Primary and other two as 2nd and 3rd holder Some has other brother as Primary and the rest of us 2nd and...
  16. N

    ny bank account not compatable to be linked with my Demat... help

    hi i am opening a online Demat account in sharekhan ,.. my present bank account can't be linked withe the Demat account,now i am left with the option of opening another bank acount in the compatable bank ( which i dont want ) ,or do the transacions through cheques ... what difference will...
  17. C

    Best demat account to start for investor

    First of all thanks to this website that provide such a great platform for all. Investment is necessary for everybody. But for starting it we need to open a Demat account, since there are many who offer this service to investor and traders so it is very difficult for new one to choose best...
  18. S

    Multiple Trading Accounts with one NSDL Demat?

    Hello All We all sometimes change brokers, sometimes due to better rates, sometimes better service & other reasons. Many times rather than finally severe old relationships one keeps them inoperative and moves on with the new one, resulting in more than one operative trading account. Most...
  19. I


    Hello Every body. I have just registered here. Thanks :)
  20. R

    what is d commodity market??

    know about commodity......