Fyers support even not replying over email. I think most of their employees return back to their native place during pandemic or shifted to Zerodha and makes Fyers (Tejas खोदे) to fly in open sky....:pp:yuck:
Zerodha also is not replying. I've -ve balance even after I cleared all dues (another -ve balance earlier). Now you have to open ticket on their site only. NO email. Employees said to be working from home. Where's accountability and credibility.
Exchanges and brokers are shooting themselves in the leg.
1. Does Fyers offer cdsl easiest facility so we can transfer shares to other brokers or other BOID?
2. Does Fyers charge any additional brokerage if sold call or put stock options becomes in the money and we have to give or take delivery of the whole lot ?
3. After we make IMPS transfer via netbanking (not from phone) how much time it takes to get the credit in trading account? is it common for it take about 30 minutes or its just me?

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