For some of the stocks in my watchlist, the drawings on the chart are saved and are persistent. Whenever I log in I see the drawings for these stocks. However, that is not the case for other stocks in the same watchlist or other watchlists. By the way, I am not talking about snapshots here.

Can someone tell me how to save the drawings on the charts for all stocks? By this, I am asking for persistent drawings so even when I log off and log in, I will get to see the drawings.

Thanks in advance.
Hi @chillax,

GTC Orders are not allowed by the exchange. All pending orders are canceled by the exchange at the end of the day and traders need to place fresh orders for carry-forward positions on a daily basis if you wish to have a stop loss. Hence, we do not provide GTC orders.

There are some brokers who provide a modified version of GTC orders which are saved on the brokers' servers and then placed on the exchange every day. This can be risky if not implemented properly. We have stayed away from this approach.
I have opened an account last week. When I asked about the GTC order in Fyers platform to someone in the support team, I was told that it is in the making and will be available by the end of the month.

My questions is, is there a change in your stated position and hence you are introducing GTC or did this gentleman told me a hox?



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OK.. Before I use to click on Fyers from Traderji front page on fyers thread and why is fyers removed from the popular thread? Ok politics due exist on this kind of fkd up forums sry for you guys


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If they were in Stockbroking.
No they wouldn't. Fact is your platform technology is bad. And I'll give you an example of how and why the onboarding sucked:

First, I got two emails containing login info. I complained about the first one. And 4 hrs later I got another email with login info. Don't tell me you send out two login emails due to "KYC rules".

Second, when I got my password I downloaded the mobile app. And at first login I was required to change my password. But I couldn't login. I kept getting - Something went wrong. I tried and tried and tried so many times that I lost count.

Do you know why that happened? Because you guys have not tested correctly.

The mobile app checks the password policy in real time. Allowed special characters are: "!@#:<>?"

While the web app allows only "! or @ or #".

So while the mobile app showed me that "?" was okay; it is not allowed as per web app. And the error message "something went wrong" did not help. I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I kept trying thinking it might be a server issue.

Frustrated I gave up and raised a ticket. Someone from support called me near end of the trading day and told me that error is due to password policy.
The question then is - Why doesn't the platform have "password is invalid" error instead? At least that way I don't waste both of our time - mine and your support guys. Secondly, why is there a difference between mobile and web?

So, let me say it again - You are making Zerodha feel like Google/Facebook. Never had this issue with them. I certainly don't like some of their features that is why I applied for an account on Fyers. But this experience shows me how far behind other brokers are compared to Zerodha.
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@Tejas Khoday
Hi Tejas, there is one ticket of mine, pending since more than three months [#3646119], without any resolution. Last couple of weeks no one even bothers to revert back on email, and the number provided for one sales manager, she never picks up the phone.
Would you please look into the issue and get it resolved.