fundamental analysis

  1. A

    about myself

    Hi to all , i joined trader ji just today, To be frank i know nothing about share trading, i will like to know wheter any free online interactive courses are available to learn technical and fundamental analysis
  2. D

    New to Tradeji

    Hello to everybody, I have been investing in stocks for more than a year and learning. Learning is a life long process and I ll continue to learn from some unexpected reactions of stock market. What I have learned is that fundamental analysis works better than technical analysis. Contrarian...
  3. DiwaliCrackers

    Anybody tracking Opto Circuit

    Dear All, I want to buy Opto Circuit, anybody is tracking this share for mid term. Last Price Market Cap. Turnover Net Profit Total Assets Opto Circuits 290.65 5,337.77 401.23 140.25 1,055.93 EPS (TTM) 10.21 P/E 28.34 Industry P/E 34.69...
  4. W

    Factors for fundamental analysis.

    Hi, I am new to trading and want to trade for medium/long term using fundamental analysis. What all points should i consider before making an investment in a stock using fundamental analysis parameters like : P/E,Market Ratio, Assets,Liabilities and so on. I have just understood that there...
  5. A

    What are potential multibaggers at present?

    Hi everyone, I request members to share what they think will be potential multibaggers from fundamental point of view in the next 2-4 years time frame. Also if you could share your reasoning behind it, it will be great. Anjani Mumbai
  6. M

    Value Buys

    Hi All, I am new to trading. I am trying to follow some principles based on "value investing". I am starting this thread to post ideas on "value buys". It will be great if people can add their own ideas to the same thread. Also please note I am an individual investor and not any broker...
  7. B

    Question on ... Custom trading software dev & data feed

    Hello friends, I am developing a minor analysis platform more suited for individual investors with JAVA. Till now this is used for US market and pulls data, allows some analysis as well as prints reports etc. I am now customizing it for India market and I have few basic questions. 1. In US...
  8. N

    Why Fundamental Analysis first over technical analysis?

    I am starting this thread to show difference between fundamental and technical analysis. According to me if we discuss it more all can understand usability of those terms. Technical analysis is based on only price on the other hand Fundamental analysis is based on companies’ growth, sales, NP...
  9. N

    sector wise fundamental analysis/ financially strong companies

    I am doing fundamental analysis based on Balance Sheet, P&l A/c, Yearly result, Qtr result. which also compairs the Balance Sheet, P&l A/c, Yearly result, Qtr result of its Competitors and then it gives rank of financially strong companies. following is the end result of analysis for bearing...
  10. N

    fundamental data like balance sheet, p&l , yearly and qtr result

    dear all, I want to know the source from where one can buy the fundamental data like balance sheet, p&l , yearly and qtr result in excel or any other format. please share the links.
  11. V

    which institute is giving stock market trading in hyd

    which institute is giving stock market trading in hyd i am new to stock market i need some training in how to buy how to sell in stock please suggest me good institute in stock market
  12. N

    software for fundamental analysis

    I am under process to develop software, where one can do fundamental analysis. Basic concept is 1- To analyze all fundamentals of various companies. 2- Make comparative analysis within industry or within all companies. 3- One can get result of how much strong is the company fundamentally...
  13. N

    Qtr wise fundamental data for 2900 companies

    i want Qtr wise fundamental data of companies (Qtrly result, and all basic info abt company like Sector, FV, BV, Equity, Holding, EPS, PE,...etc) that is for all companies included in BSE bhav Copy. More importantly I need this in Excel format, so I can able to analyse it. I am Attaching the...
  14. N

    Stock Recommendation Using Fundamental Analysis

    Hi, My name is Murali and I run an IT company called Naethra Technologies. Recently we have launched a software product called Genie. The product has the following features: 1.Long term investment recommendation for a company of the investors choice 2.Buy recommendations for the week...
  15. F

    Hi all of You

    Hi All! Glad to find this forum. I am a long term / fundamental investor. This is because I have little time to spend with my investments, can't trade all day because my work. I am trading with stocks on the secondary market. I make trading decisions on fundamental grounds and I have been...
  16. ioshean

    follow Technical Analysis

    always media focusing technical analysis they are telling technical points of stocks and nifty why market moment is similar to technical points(r1,r2,s1,s2) how they caluclated this levals???? is market following this levals or is levals are following market anyone operating market near to...
  17. ioshean

    Fundamental analysis vs Technical analysis

    why Fundamental analysis is not better then Technical analysis? What is the advantages an dis-advantages in Fundamental analysis What is the advantages an dis-advantages in technical analysis any one suggest for Fundamental analysis sofware or website welcome for comments
  18. T

    Koutons movement analysis

    Hi, First, I want to convey my respect to senior members and other ppl who share the ideas / knowledge. I am seeing Koutons giving some signs that in next 6 months it will go quite good way. Observed points. Technical: *) Volume pick up in steady manner *) Recently seemed to emerge from long...
  19. T

    NSE BSE Live Quote Utility

    Dear Friend, Hello. I have recently come across a very innovative concept. It is new software that is helpful to anybody associated with the capital market. It is useful for Brokers, Sub-Brokers, Analysts, Students, and every other person associated with the capital market. It is...
  20. J

    Start off Fundamental Analysis - Here is Quarterly EPS of Nifty Stocks

    Hi all, I have been looking for a source to find good data for fundamental analysis all along but failed. bits and pieces of information everywhere. To start with I, (with support of my wife) have compiled the quartely EPS of nifty shares. I am attaching that herewith for any one who...