which institute is giving stock market trading in hyd

which institute is giving stock market trading in hyd

i am new to stock market i need some training in how to buy how to sell in stock

please suggest me good institute in stock market


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There is no institute as such recognised for trading related studies here in India. It has been so far only with the personal interest that there are some well verse traders here.

There are few institutes in other countries. Singapore is the examination centre which is close to us for that course. Whereas there are many traders and websites who impart training for the market related activities. Icharts has a curriculum in that area. This is also in Hyderabad. You can go to their site and get the details.

My pesonal experience is you can master it on your own studies and experiences with the markets. Nothing more accurate and rewarding that the hands on experience. This is a game of emotions & psychology, more than the numbers.

If you are interested, this forum is in itself a real great place of learning. There are plenty on traders here who are giving out their knowledge and experiences to other fellow members and make them real geniuses too in some cases.

There are some great books through which you can know all that you want to. Some authors do have books prepared in such a way that it is like you are doing a course. If you are interested and hace the passion and time to learn, l can give you those resources.
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Traderji.com is giving online training for free anywhere...and for FREE!!!
just go through different threads...