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First, I want to convey my respect to senior members and other ppl who share the ideas / knowledge.

I am seeing Koutons giving some signs that in next 6 months it will go quite good way. Observed points.

*) Volume pick up in steady manner
*) Recently seemed to emerge from long period lows (If it goes down further low, scenario may change)

*) Low PE compared to peers (but peers are bit established), so a value item
*) Product quality w.r.t. price is good (but way too low price may harm margins)
*) Shops in prime locations

Fundamentals against the movement:
*) Debt is high for this company
*) Awareness is still comparatively low in the public for its dress items. Also, its offer awareness is very low. Even the shop salespersons dont seem to know. They say some price, but when we are at bill counter, the bill amt is even lower.

Gap (to do things):
*) Breakouts
*) Divergence
*) Any other analysis giving evidence for and against the movement of Koutons

*) Any big enough problems @promoter / management level

I kindly request experienced / senior members / knowledge guys to share their views and analysis on this and if possible give ideas on the gaps listed above.

Thank you.

PS: my respect phrase in the beginning sounds more like "malish" as I have asked opinion, but that is not the case. I observed at least 3-5 ppl giving directions / general guidance long time back. Because today is my first post, I wanted to convey my wish.
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