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always media focusing technical analysis
they are telling technical points of stocks and nifty
why market moment is similar to technical points(r1,r2,s1,s2)

how they caluclated this levals????
is market following this levals or is levals are following market
anyone operating market near to levals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanx traderji team

welcome for comments:)
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What comes first - Chicken or Egg ?

Technical Analysis (TA) is art and science of reading the footprint of market.. that it leaves thru price and volume data. So it follows the mkt. But in many instances, It gives leading signal.. and thats when some part of TA helps in leading the mkt.

TA is lot bigger topic then r1/r2/s1/s2 that u are mentioning. There are various formula's available to calculate them.. Just google on it. They are also called as floor traders pivot levels.
In reality, there is no gurantee that these levels will not break tomorrow. They are not tradeable in isolation. Knowledge of TA will give u more tools to read the signals thrown by mkt regarding when these levels will hold and when they are likely to get broken.

Happy Trading
Thank you so much for your most basic, elementary and yet penetrative and sharp naive analysis. Of all the tools and gadegtry available in the equity speculative markets, going through the prices trend to feel the pulse of the market is most important which is rightfully and beautifully brought out !

Kudos and encomiums


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just wanted to share this webiste where they provide some basic funda of technical analysis.
the site was meant for forex traders, but will help any budding trader.. is the url

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