sector wise fundamental analysis/ financially strong companies

I am doing fundamental analysis based on Balance Sheet, P&l A/c, Yearly result, Qtr result. which also compairs the Balance Sheet, P&l A/c, Yearly result, Qtr result of its Competitors and then it gives rank of financially strong companies.
following is the end result of analysis for bearing sector

Company_Name , BSE_Code, Sector, rank
Bimetal Bearings, 505681, Bearings, 1
Austin Engineering Company, 522005, Bearings, 2
NRB Bearings, 530367, Bearings, 3
Menon Bearings, 523828, Bearings, 4
ABC Bearings, 505665, Bearings, 5
Shriram Needle Bearing Industries, 505827, Bearings, 6
above report shows strongness of companies within sector bearing. Bimetal Bearing is the financially strongest compani within the group

I request all to sujjest me on above and you may also ask for other sector topest compani.
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