Factors for fundamental analysis.

I am new to trading and want to trade for medium/long term using fundamental analysis. What all points should i consider before making an investment in a stock using fundamental analysis parameters like :
P/E,Market Ratio, Assets,Liabilities and so on.

I have just understood that there are 100's of parameters , but which one do you suggest?
Also are there any free tools available for fundamental analysis?

Just get the balance sheet details from the respective company sites , that is the main thing used for analysing a stock fundamentally and also you can look into the company's acquires, collaborations etc... which will lead the company's future stock price.

Technical Analyst using the great bactest software Tradestation9.


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You need to have knowledge about the fundamentals of finance to really analyse fundamentally. I would suggest a mix of FA and TA. Mainly look for ratio statements which are available from many sites like moneycontrol and then for interpretation of the ratios there is investopedia. But depending on what is important to you the ratios you may want to look at might change. for eg. you don't mind about dividents do Div Payout ratio would not be important. There are a few ratios that are very important like:
P/E, EPS, D/E, P/B others you can pick if you want to. Better look for analysis from qualified FA's to make sure.

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