fundamental analysis

  1. A

    Volume Of Buy

    Hi all:) I have a question about volume of buy Maximum much should buy until the price dont out of the trend??:confused:
  2. R

    Midcap stock

    Hi, I am learning fundamental analysis. Want to invest monthly in midcap stock. I was using for fundamental data. Apart from normal criteria like pe ratio, book value, face value how can I use balance sheet, total asset, liabilities and past cash flow to select stock.
  3. M

    How to use fundamental with or without techical analysis for short term trading

    Can we use fundamental analysis with or without technical analysis for short term trading(eg swing trading). In most short term trading (2 days to weeks) we use technical analysis more and fundamental analysis less. I have a good understanding of technical analysis and use this method for my...
  4. V

    2 day workshop on technical analysis

    My fellow traders, National Institute Of Financial Management (An autonomous Body of Ministry of Finance) is organizing a workshop on technical analysis at Faridabad on 17th and 18th October. Faculty are Rakesh Bansal of R.K. Global and Rishi Mehra of Corporate Partners For more...
  5. Nimish Shah


    Debt Funds and Insurance companies are always using uncommon words hard to understand for common people. For example : Debt Fund Plans – Liquid money market fund, Ultra short term income fund, Short term and long term income fund, short term and long term gilt fund, Multiple yield, fixed...
  6. Nimish Shah

    Investment by Sensex PE Ratio. Excellent Returns

    To determine the P/E ratio of Sensex or any company, investors can divide the stock price by EPS (Earnings per share) Price to Earning (PE) = Stock price / Earnings per share (EPS) By determine PE we can know whether Sensex or any stock is Cheap, Reasonable or Costly. Sensex PE = Sensex...
  7. M

    Black Monday Sensex -1600. What Next, Is India still Shining Star?

    On 24/08/2015 (Monday) there was earthquake on Indian markets. Market Open -900 and at close it was -1624 points. Last 7 years one day lowest level and Investors lost 7 lakh Crore in one day. If we see history, the biggest downfall was in 2008 because of US Subprime Issue. First time Chinese...
  8. R

    Regarding short term trading

    I've checked a few recommendations like Ratnamani metals & Tubes, Genus Infra, PNB, etc which have given good returns when holded for about 3-4 days instead of intraday. Can anyone guide me to a resource where I can learn about fundamental analysis of a company. This would help in investing...
  9. R

    Data for fundamental analysis

    Hi what data sources are used by most Indian investors for fundamental analysis? Would appreciate if members share their experiences and usage. Are there any equivalent of a Bloomberg like analytics provided to retail investors or is it broker calls which guide investments? Thank you!
  10. H

    Please suggest Fundamental Analysis Software

    Dear Members, Does anyone know of a good software for fundamental analysis of Indian stocks? I’m looking for a software which can help analyze historical financials of companies. Please suggest which one of the following is recommended. 1. Capitaline Database 2. ACE Equity 3. CMIE 4...
  11. S

    Financial modelling usage

    is financial modelling of any use in technical or fundamental analysis
  12. infor

    What is the best site for Fundamental analysis ?

    Any suggestions
  13. Einstein

    Doubts about chinese PMI

    Hello friends, please go through it and let me know what you think of this PMI (news) impact on Indian metal sector. any comments arewelcome. What is HSBC Flash China Manufacturing Purchase Manager's Index or PMI?? The HSBC Flash China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index™ (PMI™) is...
  14. G

    Fundamental analysis of metal commodities for a beginner

    Hello everyone. I am a beginner in the world of trading, as I am currently working on the abstract for a research project related to metal futures in India. I hope this hasn't been asked before, but could someone tell me the crucial metrics that one needs to look up for doing fundamental...
  15. A

    I am not a pro but want to become a investor

    Dear Friends, I am an engineer by profession working abroad. Want to become an investor. Hope I can get some help from this forum & able to help others too. I have done some trades till now but w/o any fundamental analysis. Now want to concentrate on fundamental analysis. Will let you know...
  16. M

    Technical and Fundamental Analysis?

    Hi, Is it very important to learn Technical and Fundamental Analysis for decision making in equity market.
  17. ritabrata.bhattacharyya

    Fundamental Stock Screener

    Can anybody help with a good fundamental stock screener ? Can you help me find a good Stock Screener for Indian Stock Markets ? I need a place where I could search the entire universe of NSE stocks with multiple search criteria like Market Cap, EBIT, ROCE, Net Capital Assets, Debt etc. ICICI...
  18. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Traderji Twitter : Debarghya Mukherjee

    It is my request my Traderji friends and other members to use this thread as our Trading Twitter. We will post our tweet ( small thoughts) all the day long here. Every body can post and can comments here. Please keep your comments with in 200 characters. Let the ZEAL remains. Short...
  19. Debarghya Mukherjee

    My View on Market and Economy : Debarghya Mukherjee

    Hello Traderji Friends, I was searching some good threads on fundamental analysis in Traderji, but failed to get what I was really looking for. So Started this new thread on my view on market and impact of economy. Here I want to discuss about various economical matters that helps us to...
  20. C


    My name is Harisankar. I tried investing in stocks during 2009. Made losses of around 2k. Then left my portfolio in the hands of the broker for daytrading. He churned the stocks and turned 10k into 3k. Opened an online trading account two weeks back. Thought the markets would go down...