fundamental analysis

  1. A

    Yes Bank Analysis: Is it a Good Buy?

    There are lot of speculation surrounding Yes Bank,after RBI asked MD and CEO of Yes Bank to step down citing discrepancies in the way bank had reported its bad loan numbers. Read: RBI Gives Yes Bank’s Rana Kapoor Only Four More Months As MD And CEO The letter by RBI was issued on 17th...
  2. Y

    Exiting the sell put options

    Hi All, Sorry if it's a lame question.I am newbie. When we sell a put option a portion of money is blocked as margin. My question is if I want to exit this position (exit short sell position) before Expiry, do we need extra balance in our trading account on top of what is already blocked as...
  3. R

    Is only Technical Analysis enough for commodity trading

    I am new to commodities and was wondering whether technical analysis is enough for commodity trading or not? If not, what are the other factors I need to consider while trading in commodities? For example:- If I want to trade in CRUDEOILM and my technical setup is giving me a long/short signal...
  4. Y


    can I know how much inventory does a company have in a quarterly basis in detail, for example, tata motor which uses aluminium for production so i want to know how much inventory does it have (aluminium) in that quarter. and how much its used. Do they have excess amount of aluminum, which can...
  5. K

    Place to find all the Research Reports on Daily Basis

    Hello, I am looking for a portal from where i can get all the Research Reports posted by the Brokerage Houses and by SEBI registered intermediaries. If anyone have knowledge about this please share. Regards, Kanak
  6. N

    Which websites do you use for help wit Fundamental Analysis?

    Interested in hearing from experienced traders and investors. Please list out websites that you have found useful for help with Fundamental Analysis. Not interested in stock calls/tips etc. but straight up sources of info/data that you have found to be most useful. Many thanks in advance.
  7. S

    Portfolio monitoring service

    Divali Greetings folks I am looking for an affordable service that will send me SMS or even Mobile phone notifications for fundamental change events. I have a rather large and varied portfolio. It should give me -- if stock is approaching 52 W H / L -- upcoming earnings events -- earnings...
  8. V

    Understanding bank balance sheet

    Hello, I am looking at the latest federal bank balance sheet available at their website. link to full report - Need to understand few of the particulars which are...
  9. nikki5_me

    Model Portfolio stock selection

    This thread is a combination of both technical and fundamentals of a stock along with the allocation needs to be done. Firstly, I am not a tipster and also am not some "expert". I am here to learn and while learning would like to include the wise advise of all the members here, especially ST da...
  10. X

    Fundamental Analysis data

    I would like to buy fundamental analysis data of all the listed companies. This data should be in a sql database, what are my options. Ofcourse data should be in valid and correct.
  11. A

    Short Survey Request

    Hi Members, I'm a new member here with a few years of stock trading experience. Presently I'm doing a small research on why stock traders fail to make money more often than not. In this regard, may I please request you all to participate in a very short survey for my study. Your time...
  12. abhay.fintech

    Best Website for Latest (updated) Financial Data on Individual Companies

    Dear All, I am trying to prepare an excel file for around 20 companies with all the basic fundamental data (P&L, B/S, Market price) and then the excel will calculate the basic ratios (p/e, p/bv, RoE, RoE/pbv etc). The problem is - Looking into annual report of each and every company for...
  13. N

    Institutional Activity

    Hello Friends, Good Morning. I would like to share my insights about Institutional Activity, during the normal trading hours. I hope that you would like it very much. God Willing. The Big "Bhaloo"
  14. A

    Volume Of Buy

    Hi all:) I have a question about volume of buy Maximum much should buy until the price dont out of the trend??:confused:
  15. R

    Midcap stock

    Hi, I am learning fundamental analysis. Want to invest monthly in midcap stock. I was using for fundamental data. Apart from normal criteria like pe ratio, book value, face value how can I use balance sheet, total asset, liabilities and past cash flow to select stock.
  16. M

    How to use fundamental with or without techical analysis for short term trading

    Can we use fundamental analysis with or without technical analysis for short term trading(eg swing trading). In most short term trading (2 days to weeks) we use technical analysis more and fundamental analysis less. I have a good understanding of technical analysis and use this method for my...
  17. V

    2 day workshop on technical analysis

    My fellow traders, National Institute Of Financial Management (An autonomous Body of Ministry of Finance) is organizing a workshop on technical analysis at Faridabad on 17th and 18th October. Faculty are Rakesh Bansal of R.K. Global and Rishi Mehra of Corporate Partners For more...
  18. Nimish Shah


    Debt Funds and Insurance companies are always using uncommon words hard to understand for common people. For example : Debt Fund Plans – Liquid money market fund, Ultra short term income fund, Short term and long term income fund, short term and long term gilt fund, Multiple yield, fixed...
  19. Nimish Shah

    Investment by Sensex PE Ratio. Excellent Returns

    To determine the P/E ratio of Sensex or any company, investors can divide the stock price by EPS (Earnings per share) Price to Earning (PE) = Stock price / Earnings per share (EPS) By determine PE we can know whether Sensex or any stock is Cheap, Reasonable or Costly. Sensex PE = Sensex...
  20. M

    Black Monday Sensex -1600. What Next, Is India still Shining Star?

    On 24/08/2015 (Monday) there was earthquake on Indian markets. Market Open -900 and at close it was -1624 points. Last 7 years one day lowest level and Investors lost 7 lakh Crore in one day. If we see history, the biggest downfall was in 2008 because of US Subprime Issue. First time Chinese...