What are potential multibaggers at present?

Hi everyone,

I request members to share what they think will be potential multibaggers from fundamental point of view in the next 2-4 years time frame.

Also if you could share your reasoning behind it, it will be great.



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Riddhi Siddhi Gluco Biols

You can find my entire research reports on this company on a previous thread on this co. by me on this forum.

To state in brief, over the past decade the co. has invested heavily in expanding capacities to become the largest company of Indian Starch & Starch Derivatives sector. Now, with capex cycle almost over and two vacant pieces of land at Gokak plant and Pantnagar plant, capacity addition will be quick with least cost and minimal capex. Sector is experiencing a boom phase with demand far exceeding supply and all of company's [plants are operating at 95 % + utilisation. Robust cash generation has started from current FY11 with half yearly EPS posted at about Rs. 50. FY11 EPS is likely to be somewhere in between 90-95 as second half has always been far better than first half. Evenif we take into consideration the traitional p/e at which it is traded so far (7.5-8), the minimum reasonable price works out to be Rs. 740 which is 51 % higher than current ruling market price. This price of Rs. 740 is arrived at without considering its robust growth likely ahead as well as tax saving by its foray into wind power sector. All and all its a real multibagger and the safest buy in current market.



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Finding Multibaggers is some what like buying Lottery tickets here is an example
I Got an Recommandation for MARG Ltd
1. Infrastructure play - Airports, sea port, SEZ, Townships...

2. Available at near Book value and PE of 7.5

3. Technically has rebounded after testing a strong support of Rs 150.

4. Hold for 2 years for multibagger returns.

Then I checked Balance sheet and Financial comparsion for this company it all wonderfull

Then I Deceided to buy this stock while in Pull back

I escaped by Luck:clap:
Yester Day It downed 7%
Today it down freeze!!!!

The recommandation gave a Target of Rs 1000/- in five years:clapping:

Today it down freezed at 114
Can any one can expect a 114 Priced share would become 10000% return?

My personal conclusion is Instead of Buying at 114(Bottom fish) Buy this share @ Rs 500/ and sell it @ 1000/-

Previously I Burn my Finger by Buying cranes software @ Rs 14 then it delisted from NSE Finally I can able to sell it @6.95:mad: