Portfolio monitoring service

Divali Greetings folks
I am looking for an affordable service that will send me SMS or even Mobile phone notifications for fundamental change events.
I have a rather large and varied portfolio. It should give me
-- if stock is approaching 52 W H / L
-- upcoming earnings events
-- earnings results and stock effects
-- any other fundamental news e.g. things that would change demand / supply dynamics effect of budget etc
-- dividends / bonus etc
I did see moneycontrol offering something close to what I wanted . Came pretty close to buying their service for 900 year ...but that is 900 / year PER SCRIPT not for as many scripts as you want. So I am here looking around for some service like that - please do inform me .


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I never knew that Moneycontrol had a "Paid" service too for "alerts" ! Please Post a link to there Paid alert service for Portfolio.
I have a portfolio there and get free updates on my email. Though I dont need it hence never tried but there seems to be an option to get Free SMS alert from Gmail when emails from specified senders is recd inn your Inbox.

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