AI based software for fundamental and technical analysis


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Hi All,

We are developing an open source Artificial Intelligent (AI) based software application. This software application will work like a personal investment expert and pick you the top stocks to invest based on your Investment plans, Fundamental/Technical data, Trends, Stocks performance, economics, Inflation-Deflation, Politics, Market Psychology, other Real time development, RBI-Govt announcement, FPI etc. Also the application monitor the market in real time and send you the notifications based on your settings/earlier search scenarios etc.

Have you ever wished like if I had some comparison/filtering/plotting/tabulating/charting/shortlisting features in your analysis software? Then use this thread and suggest your ideas – if your idea is selected then you will get contacted and get special features and privileges of the software application.
I'd suggest you first check out for what they offer in terms of fundamental data. Then check out - specifically their screener section for the way they allow us to filter charts and trends.

Both are free resources for most part. Then, whatever improvements you may make on those offerings would be welcome (even combining the features of both would be a value addition). Basically don't reinvent the wheel, be incremental to whatever is already out there!


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Thank you for the suggestion! Appreciate it
The fundamental idea is to create an improved version to the existing once so that it will overcome the limitation and help the researchers/investors. I'm looking for the suggestions from the users which will help us to improve/add the features.