Place to find all the Research Reports on Daily Basis


I am looking for a portal from where i can get all the Research Reports posted by the Brokerage Houses and by SEBI registered intermediaries.

If anyone have knowledge about this please share.

Found one blog on the name of Rakesh-Jhunjhunwala, where they post the reports. Please let me know if you happen to find any. I will also share the list which i will come across.


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Found anything else? I use for my market research.
Identifying the problem is the first and most crucial step in the research process. This is necessary to be able to view the collected information. The definition of a problem encompasses goals that want to be achieved by collecting, constraints that are usually in the form of money and time, assumptions about factors and situations that will simplify the problem, and measures of success, which are criteria or standards used to evaluate the solution to the problem. When determining, it is necessary to develop questions that should be answered. Questions are usually formulated as hypotheses that represent the answer to a research problem.
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Though its good thing to go through reports but it takes time. So, I prefer to study the sector wise performance on good equity research sites and then compare them with peers to understand the performance.

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