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Got a msg earlier from zerodha : "Aug 15thwill be 1 year from when we started. Thanks for the amazing support!As a token of our appreciation, all our clients who hav"

Firstly Congrats on the first anniversary Zerodha! :clapping:
Guess it was coz of network/signal issues i dint get the other half of the msg.Kindly complete the msg for me pal.
Hi Avi, the entire message:

Hi Fellow Traders,
Aug 15th will be 1 yr from when we started. Thanks for the amazing support! As a token of our appreciation, all our clients who have been trading with us for more than 6 months will have a zero brokerage day on Aug 16th.

Thanks Again
Team Zerodha



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Re: how much margin we get for nifty future and option

hello suppose if i deposit 10000 rs and suppose if i trade nifty ce of 5200 cmp is 200 rs than in that we can buy 10 lots of that ce in other operating system here how much lots we can buy.

it doesn't change.... u r just using a different route to transfer funds, what you can do with ur funds remains the same....


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Hi Zerodha,
Do you provide web based trading or terminal?
and what are the charges for each?

and what is the difference. Which one is better for a trader?

Happy Investing!
Zero charges for both versions...:)

I personally feel that trading thru "Nse now" terminal is great.... I have not tried the "Now express" (web based). It works in java, and that too should work cool....:thumb:
Re: new cheapest broker is here. Zerodha

Answer for your queries:

1. Yes it is possible to transfer from single to joint account. You can transfer shares from one dp account to any other.
2. No it will not be possible. The first holder of trading account will have to be the first holder of the demat account. With joint demat account, trading account of only the first holder of demat account can be opened. The charge for opening demat and trading account is Rs 600 and annual maintenance of Rs 400/yr to be paid end of the year..
If you don't intend to delivery based trading, you can open only a trading account with us, provided you have a demat account with someone else already.
3. With one demat account, you can apply for an IPO only once...

Hope this clarifies..



Thats wat i asked , if i dont have a demat ac, still i can open only a trading account. i dont hv a demat ac with anyone. i use my wife's ac to trade. Only Nifty options.


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If there is any other alternative you may suggest that too. Also please update by when you are going to offer commodity trading.
Thanks and happy Independence Day.
NOW does not provide RT charting. Alternative - if you have a mobile phone with large enough screen, you can try, its a java based charting package.
Then there is tickerplantindia; supposed to be good.

check them out.

best wishes.
do u allow spread order ? and if yes the brokerage for that?


Short Nifty 29-Sept-2011 5700 CE @21.50
Long Nifty 29-Sept-2011 5800 CE@ 15.40

kindly tell me the total cost (Brokerage + others Approx) for open and close this type of trade with 10 lot each

and minimum margin money required for this(with 10 lots), as this is a limited loss strategy.
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