zerodha trader

  1. M

    Zerodha screwed me

    On 30th July I was carrying positions worth 150% of my margin to 31st July. On 31st July 09:25 AM. I covered everything. I had no open positions at 09:25 AM. But at 03:05 PM, zerodha placed a cover order on my account without checking and that trade lost me 8500 INR. What can I do now?
  2. D

    Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link

    Pls someone provide Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link.
  3. punam.fintrade

    StopLoss Query on Delivery Script @ ZeroDha .

    Hello Friends, If I have a shares of any company ( eg - tata Motors ) in my Holding, I bought it 15 days ago ,at say Rs. 400. I want to place Stop Loss at maybe Rs. 300. Now when i go to Zerodha Sell , I see Stop Loss options that are valid only for today. ( i.e, validity - Day ) . How can I...
  4. N

    Zerodha; trading using moving average crossover

    I want to invest in stock market and my total investment is under 25000 rs. I want to know whether Zerodha allows trading (buy/sell) using moving average crossover strategy with out any extra charges. moving average crossover stratergy Buy when short moving average crossover long moving...
  5. R

    Zerodha Broken ?

    I am new to trading, though I have tried quite a few trading portals this year. I have been primarily using Zerodha for the past 6 months, however in the past weeks it seems their service has nosedived. Their zerodha trader software crashes incessantly, trading portal doesn't open at...
  6. B


    Was referred about zerodha from a friend yesterday. anyone who has used their services??? They are saying 20rs/trade , we can buy and sell as much, for intraday delivery and fno... If anyone already opened, do give me a view... thanks.....