Does margin requirement change 5 times a day (for put or call option selling) with all the brokers or just few brokers like Zerodha?

For example I sold Bank Baroda put option(zerodha) and I saw frequent changes in margin requirement (Span and exposure)
Is it Zerodha or all brokers have same fluctuations in margin requirement?

For futures I understand daily m2m gets credited or debited but why frequent changes in option selling margin requirement ?
If it changes in last 2 days of expiry ..I still understand but why its happening all the time?

Are there any brokers that have fixed margin requirement which remains same at the first day of selling option?
Thanks this is what I found
'The margin is monitored and collected at the time of placing the buy / sell order. SPAN margins are revised 6 times in a day - once at the beginning of the day, four times during market hours, and finally at the end of the day (NSE)' I think that is what you are referring to in above picture.

But my question is for put or call option selling in stocks - margin requirement changes 6 times a day for all the brokers in India or just few brokers like Zerodha?

At least with Zerodha after selling put or call stock option - margin changes frequently(did not count how many times but every time I refresh there would be new margin requirement) during the day and during the entire sell position holding duration - is it true with all the brokers or its just Zerodha?