1. D

    Best tool for quick scalping ?

    I am an intermediate trader who's more into naked option buying (with fixed quality at a time) based on quick scalping that lasts anywhere from few seconds to 1-2 minutes at max. On almost every broker's web portal it shows accumulated p&l wrt strike price, for instance if I have taken 3 trades...
  2. icytrader

    Required: Finvasia Nest setup version 3.14 upto only x86

    Could anyone please share any older version of finvasia Nest trader. I would like to test version 3.14 upto not the latest I am having too many issues with the latest version and want to see if the older ones were well behaved. Any help will be appreciated. X86 version only...
  3. S

    Why am I getting this error in nest?

    Why am I getting this error every time I open next? It goes away after clicking away multiple time. Can somebody help?
  4. T

    Which brokers offer NSE NOW for trading?

    Hi, I had opened my finvasia account in august 2018 predominantly because of zero brokerage + NSE NOW offered for trading as the trading platform. I got used to using NSE NOW with Zerodha due to incessant and bullshit excuses zerodha gave for its outages while their founder has gotten richer...
  5. R

    How to get support and resistance in nest trade terminal

    Hi I see option to show support and resistance in nest trade terminal for each scrip in watch list.. But they show as 00 only and don't update be it future r equity.. How to get this option enabled?
  6. M

    AFL to NEST Integration

    I am looking for mechanism by which 1. AFL will publish the information which can be subscribed by third party program 2. Subscriber written will use the published information and will place the orders in NEST (ad not the Nest Plus). Can somebody please guide on both above points?
  7. R


    I USED SOME TRADING PLATFORMS OF FINVASIA A.FOX TRADER B.SCALPERT C.BEST 4.NEST REVIEWS OF PLATFORMS A . FOXTRADER PROS 1.Many scanners ,trading in charts ,super fast execution of trades 2.Chart opening from scanners is very fast ,with real time stock alerts CONS 1.It costly now they...
  8. S

    How Robotrader Works?

    Can anyone explain how the robotrader, autotrader thing works? do they have API's or some sort of connection to the trading platforms like ODIN, NEST or they only works on scripts (AUTOIT, AUTOHOTKEY).
  9. D

    Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link

    Pls someone provide Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link.
  10. S

    Trading going on on Saturday? Bizarre!

    Who can explain it to me why this trading activity goes on on weekends? Is this data coming from NSE servers? Not the first time I have noticed. Here's the link to the video and another video here
  11. I

    Are Brokers Deliberately Cutting Cord of Small Traders

    Dear All, No Rant, just my observation. I am a new trader and learning the nuisance of market at a great pace. I have observed that whenever market moves in uni-direction or in a very predictable direction. My NEST terminal doesn't work or go very erratic, unstable. My broker give me...
  12. I

    Help with Nest

    Hi guys, i am using Nest Terminal for Zerodha and also for Karvy. I have been having difficulty to get the real time data from Nest to link to Excel (No Aibroker or FCharts) I have been working on an option Valuation model for which i just want RTD in Excel. I have tried everything but "#N/A"...
  13. A

    Automating with stop loss sell order - NEST trader

    Is the stop loss sell order valid only for intraday? What I'm intending to do is - buy a stock, let appreciate it for a month or a quarter, then sell it automatically when the desired target price is reached, thus eliminating the need for continuous tracking. Is there a strategy/order to do...
  14. P

    Zerodha Realtime Data against NSE TAME

    Hello Seniors, I have started with Zerodha's NESTPlus trading platform, but have found out the realtime 1min or 5min data of Zerodha charting does not match exactly with NSE TAME (this should be most authentic I suppose). Could you kindly suggest me how have you been trading with...
  15. B

    Nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error

    HI While Launching Zerodha trader iam getting following error "Nest initialization failed for interactive engine os error" Iam using Win7 64bit, Bitdefender Antivirus ,4Mbps Internet I uninstalled and reinstalled several times,allowed in firewall but getting same error. What to do...
  16. V

    Nest Trader Data to Excel 2007

    Hello, Thanks for reading the post. I am new to the trading world and to this community. I have gone through some of the old posts in this forum and did not find what I am looking for so I started this thread. I am trading with Reliance money and I was provided with Nest Trading Terminal...
  17. M

    Need AFL as per defined logic

    Hello, I'm using below codes in Nest trader system and I want to create AFL using this code so that i can use it in Amibroker. Nest trader Code : BUY = EMA(CLOSE, 5) > SMA (CLOSE, 20) AND RSI (CLOSE, 21) < 40 SELL = EMA(CLOSE, 5) < SMA (CLOSE, 20) AND RSI (CLOSE, 21) > 60 BUY EXIT =...
  18. M

    Shubha RT plugin for Amibroker now launched

    Shubha RT plugin for Amibroker provides Real-Time streaming quotes from RTD-compliant data sources. As RTD real-time streaming varies from source to source and each data vendor using its own format / methods / different implementation, it’s a generic plugin. It can work with any RTD server...
  19. T

    Is there bracket order in Nest?

    Hello people, As we have bracket order in TradeTiger, do we have such a order in NEST?
  20. B


    Was referred about zerodha from a friend yesterday. anyone who has used their services??? They are saying 20rs/trade , we can buy and sell as much, for intraday delivery and fno... If anyone already opened, do give me a view... thanks.....