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    Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link

    Pls someone provide Zerodha Nest Trader 3.13 download link.
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    How to AUTO Place from Nest Plus API? Apart from Manual Place Button

    I dont want to click Place or Ignore.. it should auto execute.. My Working Code is : _SECTION_BEGIN("Chart Options"); GfxSetBkMode(0); SetChartOptions (0,chartShowDates|chartShowArrows,chartGridMiddle,0,0,10); SetChartBkColor( colorBlack ) ; SetChartBkGradientFill(...
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    Nest Plus 2.9 - Only 1 minute chart is working

    Hi Experts, I've recently updated to nest plus 2.9 accidentally and now facing a major problem with the PLUS charts. As far as a 1 minute chart is concerned, it's all good but when I try to switch to a 5 minutes chart or a 10 minutes chart, it only shows me present day chart. I 've tried...
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    Zerodha Realtime Data against NSE TAME

    Hello Seniors, I have started with Zerodha's NESTPlus trading platform, but have found out the realtime 1min or 5min data of Zerodha charting does not match exactly with NSE TAME (this should be most authentic I suppose). Could you kindly suggest me how have you been trading with...
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    Auto trading in India for retail

    Is any one using NEST autotrading plugin? What is the initial and recurring cost for it? How it can be done with minimum cost?
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    software issues

    Anybody help me to make a alogerthem trading program for NEST PLUS,Please help me.
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    Was referred about zerodha from a friend yesterday. anyone who has used their services??? They are saying 20rs/trade , we can buy and sell as much, for intraday delivery and fno... If anyone already opened, do give me a view... thanks.....