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Spider Software
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Group Analysis is a method to filter Exchange's Scrips to find out the best scrips & worst scrip in the live market. There are more than 1500 scrips listed in NSE and more than 3000 scrips in BSE Exchange. It is difficult to search which sector is moving upward or downward from the bunch of so many scrips. Group Analysis is a wonderfully designed function which gives you the perfect result of a group of Gainers & Losers.


  • Group Analysis report gives you a list of groups which are making Close Up or down.
  • By sorting it ascending or descending order. You can perfectly make out which group is bullish or bearish from the selected Category of groups.
  • With the help of this report, you can find out the number of scrips in a group, No. of active scrips and how many percents up or down a group is.
  • Normally percent Up & down is counted from yesterday’s close. But we have given an option “Another Date” with this, You can compare today’s close with any other date. If you select “Another Date” as one month earlier than you can get the result of Top Gainer or Top Looser group of last month.

  • Also, if you double click on a group then you will get all scrips from that particular group.
  • This will show you previous close value, current close and percentage change.
  • This is a very useful feather for trading. Where you are getting sector which is pulling market the UP or DOWN.
  • Trade in the most active group for the better results.

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